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  2. RT @themillionmind: I just watched a movie… That changed my life forever… You can watch it right here... https://t.co/wkk0zQMlpH https://t.…

  3. Eh bakit ako, hindi? Dating Admin naging Student na, hahaha!
  4. I'm at BDO Sto. Nino in Quezon City, NCR https://t.co/yAl6lbq9DI

  5. already used that format before and the growth of our local players have already been stunted as well as the coaching skills which are glaringly evident in the last Korea game. we are heavily relying on individual skills rather than team play. so in my perspective SBP and PBA should agree on drastic changes in the PBA schedule due to the PBA sched only have 1 All Filipino and 2 reinforced conferences, shake it up 1 All Filipino, 1 alternative maybe.
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  7. RT @AtomSiraullo: Marriage is between a man and a woman and a woman and a w- https://t.co/uOrghmpbd8

  8. dinginnya banget pagi ini.

  9. Anyone here has an idea on custom water cooling loop or AIO kits not the CLC ones?
  10. @itsmenicoleen Hayy nako mahal. Iniisip mo.

  11. You don’t mind a bit of verbal fireworks today as long as ther... More for Sagittarius https://t.co/ao1V6p6Grs

  12. @cnnphilippines wala na kasi kinita ngayong araw kaya wala na pangkain bukas, kailangan na mamasada. #StrikeFail… https://t.co/z8Ip5cwKGZ

  13. Building stability in relationships requires your sincere comm... More for Capricorn https://t.co/f7Ehy8n3CX

  14. Portal Olah Raga: Anthony Ginting dan Jonathan Christie https://t.co/9vvYOnHRra

  15. Hindi ko na pinapansin yan Maganda sa PUBG wala pako nakitang cheater o hack
  16. FUBG>PUBG! Just kidding guys! As a Fortnite player, you might want to check out the F2P mode to be released in a few days. I personally don't think it's as good as PUBG but its free and it has a lot of the same elements of PUBG. What do you think of the latest controversy surrounding these two games btw?
  17. So Dave Chappelle returned to TV via Netflix and has 2 episodes for a planned 1 season show this year. Was watching the first episode and has anyone else noticed he seems to playing safe? Or maybe finding his footing among millennials? He's still funny, but idk something seems off for some reason. Hoping there are other stand up comedy fans in our forum!
  18. Thank you, gentlemen! Looking forward to seeing her reaction to these shows!
  19. Steak Palermo | Bokchoy | Candied Cherry Tomato | Capers | Infused Oil Sent out some tasting… https://t.co/3i1vBo7RFZ

  20. RT @richchigga: bro shut ur mouth ive never even seen u cook for ur friends

  21. i'm not in favor of a double import conference. Although it could level up the competition, i think it hinders the growth of our local players
  22. Last week
  23. Hanggang panaginip na lang ba

  24. one person followed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/liL4KnY141

  25. Quick update on the setup. Just bought EVGA GTX 1070 TI to run dual graphics card. I was gonna go for 1080 but didn't want to change my psu so the 1070 will do for now. I ended up getting the Asus Xonar DGX 5.1 Audio Card as well since my motherboard isn't cutting it anymore for video/audio editing. Last on my list is two 8GB Kingston HyperX Fury RAMs to make it 32GB for multi-tasking. The 16GB never gave me problems in the last 2 years til recently. And lastly, replacing one of my 1TB HDDs with a 3TB one. It's Seagate so fingers crossed that it doesn't go bad on me. I should really clean my PC soon.
  26. Ugh this. Tbh the vfx was too over the top. Nothing new with Hollywood. Ryuk, I still like the Japanese version. Spot on! Read the manga, watched the Anime series and the 2006 film with Tatsuya Fujiwara. I thought L and Ryuk on that was great, Light too of course. When they first released the ads about this, I honestly tgought it was going to be a TV series. But I also knew it was gonna flunk from the beginning. I just had to watch it for the laughs. It was totally a different take from the original, and they tried so hard to go that direction. But really, when will Hollywood ever learn. We all know they're running out of ideas so they keep remaking films.
  27. This is some next level mobile app. Uninstall and Reinstall to Update https://t.co/5yWqzHD5tx

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