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      Hello APS'ters It's been more than 10 years APS staff has been keeping this place alive and kickin ass from the rest!!!  And now is the time for us to ask help from all of you who are enjoying this place. APS are looking for generous members who are willing to show some support and love to raise funds for our VPS hosting and domain name fees. We would like to make the most contributions as much as we can and used all of it for " VPS hosting and Domain name fees" ONLY (no personal interest/expenses) We want to keep this community alive and that wouldn't be possible without your help. We won't be promising any VIP access or whatsoever for monetary contributions. But....... we can assure you that your contributions big or small can keep this place alive and that's the only thing we can promise you. If you are feeling generous today feel free to send your contributions to our PAYPAL account. (ANY AMOUNT ARE WELCOME) PAYPAL: allpinoystuff2017@yahoo.com If you have any questions comment on this thread or Feel free to send me or any Admins/Supreme Mods a PM. If you have contributed or will be contributing please let us know so we can directly say "thank you" to you. Thanks in advance and more power to APS!!!

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  2. I'm at Grace Christian Church of the Philippines in Quezon City, Metro Manila w/ @arkitect915 https://t.co/dnxCuMDEWM

  3. Yesterday
  4. @feisanlupera Oh sh* who's with you? Gusto nako mag https://t.co/TeRlWc9CtD ana ba T__T

  5. You seem to always know what you are doing and how your curren... More for Sagittarius https://t.co/ao1V6p6Grs

  6. Making reliable plans with others appears to be out of the que... More for Capricorn https://t.co/f7Ehy8n3CX

  7. Thanks Dylan. PM sent.
  8. willing to help mga bro.
  9. Last week
  10. one person followed me and one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/liL4KnY141

  11. Watching Queer Eye, si Culture guy yung walang naiaambag. Haha.

  12. One of the best moment for me <3 </3
  13. #RulesofSurvival https://t.co/uFwnC6ajgt

  14. @sharlynmaee Masaya na nakakainis pero masaya pa din. :)

  15. @PreciousJoyItum DL ka na justice league. Hahaha

  16. Who here is a fan of HIMYM? Finished this 3 times already.
  17. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/you-can-get-a-gtx-1060-video-card-for-close-to-msr/1100-6456795/ Sana Rx580 ang sunod na bumaba
  18. What’s better than macaroni and cheese? Buffalo @PerdueChicken macaroni and cheese! Give this delicious recipe a tr… https://t.co/Qhlc04r5E9

  19. Papaload sana ako kaso pag labas ko nang gate may 7 doggo sa eskinita pumasok nalang ulit ako baka mapagkamalan pa… https://t.co/XalgnRJurE

  20. RT @isaacsvobodny: The Snapchat update sucks. RT to save a life! https://t.co/5JHLeNmtDW

  21. @NLEXexpressways Hello, may problem po ba sa tabang exit? Kasi yung bus na sinasakyan ko. Nag sta. Rita instead of tabang exit

  22. Whats up wid da ice ice water thingy diba ice ice water naman talaga yun hahaha ice water ice water wadafak is dat

  23. lucky diego and nija diego all the way haha!
  24. Dear Fellow Recruiters! We currently have an internal opening with our team. Please feel free to ping me for referr… https://t.co/2JkWP7UtDB

  25. RT @FFXVEN: Love is in the air today & whether you're spending it with your fiancé, special partner or... respected confident, remember we'…

  26. RT @BenAndBenMusic: You deserve nothing but love that is unconditional, real, and genuine. Not just the romantic kind, mind you. Happy Va…

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