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  3. @djashleyrivera good day. Would like to inquire as to who to contact for a potential project for you. Thank you.

  4. RT @rapplerdotcom: Critics say the massive projects are too costly and will also destroy the environment with many also expressing frustrat…

  5. @jenasis818 Congratz kendoll

  6. inuubo na ko sa kalokohan ko

  7. Too young to feel this old

  8. hqhahahhaa


  10. Last week

  12. @AguasSid_ HAHAHA ogag eh no

  13. 6 new unfollowers and 6 new followers (hello! hello!) in the last week. Via

  14. Sayang talo si Liana #ALDUBSanaLagi

  15. #RulesofSurvival

  16. No lead is safe in baseball.

  17. gusto ko manood anime dto sa office haha, kaso yung site na pinanonooran ko d pwde huhu

  18. RT @pewdiepie: Never got to actually properly shout @ZakuAurelius for sending me this badboi. x

  19. @IceVern16 Anong meron?

  20. @goddess_cha Haha grabe yung 700k for a parking lot.. that alot lolz

  21. Hypersensitivity could factor into on-the-job reactions today,... More for Gemini

  22. Tinatamad na tlga ako umalis hahahahha pagod na pagod ako hahahaha

  23. Great shirt and design quality!

  24. wow. Riverdale s3 got creepy as F

  25. #RulesofSurvival

  26. Skylar Grey FTW

  27. I liked a @YouTube video MMDA Clearing Divisoria

  28. Is this Kawhi Leonard?

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