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  2. chie filomeno ysabel ortega sofia andres barbie imperial liza soberano
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  4. 15 hours straight work!

  5. nabusog ako, lalo lang akong inantok

  6. We will be opening application for status change soon, prepare your application form, we'll inform you when we will start accepting applications. DO NOT POST YOUR REQUEST YET.
  7. Oh, what love.. How can it be?

  8. RT @RodeoTheAlbum: one of the greatest feelings ever.

  9. Someone with a wonderful accent may enter your world via a soc... More for Gemini

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  11. Kapag tamang sabog ka lang

  12. Habang nag aantay ako ng POC. Panoorin niyo tong bago kong vid!:) Natry niyo na bang magpasalamat with the things…

  13. That escalated quickly

  14. RT @Lanzeta98: Sa dami ng manyak dito sa pilipinas Mga babae na nag aadjust

  15. Love Death & Robots ❤️

  16. Asking for the insights of lawyers here. A friend borrowed my credit card to purchase things for the office. We had an agreement that she will pay me back, and she gave me a blank check as a guarantee. But now that I'm claiming for payment, she is refusing to pay me the amount needed to zero out the credit cards. And the status now is I'm the one that has to pay for her credit card transactions. I've been asking for her to pay the full amount for 6 months already but she's always coming up with an excuse not to pay. I'm considering filing BP 22 estafa against her because she's been lying about when she'll pay me the full amount. The amount she owes me is roughly Php300k excluding interest charges. She has assets she refuses to surrender to me that can easily zero out the debt she owes me (Rolex, Cartiers) I've deposited the check twice already to the bank and it bounced twice already. Now issuing a demand letter for her to pay. Can anyone give me an idea of the process for filing this and the possible fees I have to expense?
  17. Hookup ticket for Daniel Caesar concert happening on July 23 dm me #DanielCaesarManila #DanielCaesar

  18. Paano mo nasabi? LOL Ok update ko ito Boobsie Edition 7. Jamine Way (Ginawa ko seven sa akin actually marami pa eh hehehe) 6. Dreah Go Larrate 5. Paula Valbuena 4. Arisa Hui 3. Emma Bolocon 2. Yen Santos 1. Pandora Kaaki
  19. nicezu

  20. Bulls on Parade - RATM
  21. the new @fujifilmph X-T30 now available at your favorite authorized dealers . . . #fujifilm #fujifilmph #jamesreid…

  22. UST Growling Tigers Batch ‘06 are currently being interviewed by Mico Halili in The Score right now. I am entertain…

  23. This Lenten Season, visit Padre Pio Parish Church, Archdiocese of Parañaque. Healing mass every 23rd of each month.…

  24. @TakaJunOfficial Gg arat

  25. Still available price reduced to 190 shipped invoiced #retailtuesday @RetailTuesday

  26. Charm Dela Cruz Aica Sy Cherry Ann Kubota Ellen Adarna Coleen Garcia
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