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  1. P.800,000,000 God Damn Saw it at Lamudi Mod's Note: Topic locked... price tag already valued.
  2. biggest lesson i learned doing 8 years of bodybuilding is if you want to lose weight count your calories and be on a calorie deficit while building muscle calorie surplus BUT your Macros should be tip top
  3. Just Wait till this kids from Samahan ng mga Progresibong Kabataan (Spark) becomes parent they will be championing the same laws they are opposing now
  4. Good Evening By god i would never go far as to Forget her crimes that is why i was so pissed when she was elected in to congress by a landslide. yes she has done very bad things but for it to be considered as atrocities tell that to the victims of Pol Pot or even locally as Ferdinand Marcos did torture, salvages and stolen funds but just like Marcos she has done some good, tru her our GDP has risen from 4% to 8% and investors started to notice us, on judging her let us take in for account the good thing she has done for us For me let it be her Legacy of mistrust, corruption and scandal let us not ask for her crucifixion far better man has judge her and found her "innocent" yes justice in term of prison time or even death was not given and yes it's very unfortunate but fair trial was given nonetheless Yes i totally agree with you it's painful to see her go Scot-free and now the supreme court has released its ruling and its unfavorable to us It's Time as Elsa Said "Let it Go" BUT not Forget her misdeed let us punish her by prejudicing and scrutinizing of every Maccapagal or Arroyo running for office like we do to the Marcoses but as far as that goes we have to move on far more problems are inbound to us the " Finger pointing is not the Way " part i wasn't really gonna add it but i don't want to cut such a beautiful opening it was really a jab at Benigno Aquino III Good Evening
  5. As Duterte Said " We cannot move forward if we allow the past to pull us back. Finger pointing is not the Way " Our highest court has acquitted her and for sure they know what they are doing it's time to put our best effort on more pressing matters like all these traffic and those damn commie Chinese bullying our fisherman
  6. buy a house or an empty lot specially if you have a family or planning to it is something you can build upon god willing 10 years from now you can extend it add a white picket fence or even a whole new floor because that land is yours from the dirt to space while a condo given it is the center of the metro restrict you in a boxed living in the 20nd something of a building yeah it's a doable way of living while you are single but when the children start popping
  7. As Rorschach Said "Men get arrested. Dogs get put down"