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  1. This is what I'm saying. I suggest admins should make everything black and white to avoid confusion. Like "posting lurmag pics are allowed, but only limited to x photos/ not the full set." As one of those who contribute stuff from lurmag, we just have to make this clear. Siyempre if magsshare ka, we don't want our post to get abruptly deleted with no basis whatsoever. Yung magulat ka na lang na pwede dati, tapos biglang bawal na. Sharing is caring, and we want everyone to be happy here. Para malinaw lang sa lahat. No offense meant to the mods.
  2. I think yung kay sir eli lang ang bawal ipost dito. All others pwede. Yun lang ang nasa "not allowed" list e. I don't know kung bakit ngayon biglang hindi na pwede at nagchange ng rules. Kaya nga we need clarifications about these restrictions e. Nakakagulat lang.
  3. Now it's not allowed to post Lurmag sets here? It's been done before. I've done it, a lot have shared whole sets before. Donna is not part of the "banned" ones or the photographer under it. Why is it not allowed now? How about those who want to share their blessings? To the moderators, I hope you shed some light on this restriction of content thing.
  4. This WWE draft will be exciting. My predictions for this: -Shield guys will stay on Raw. Cena, Styles, Owens and Zayn will be on SD. -There will be another world title. Possibly the Television Champion or the big gold belt. Having two brands with only one getting hold of the top prize doesn't make sense. -Cruiserweight title will make a return. Then two tag titles and possibly Womens Tag Team title if ever. -Shane will run SD. Steph and Trips will run Raw. I see the Bragging Rights PPV making a return. -PPVs will remain for both brands. That may only be the time the two brands will co-exist. -They will bring back the old folks and possibly more NXT callups. Yan muna for now. I hope WWE can pull this off.
  5. Roman Reigns suspension will have bigger ramnifications sa WWE Draft and the promo leading to the Shield Triple Threat. The draft falls on July 19, days before his suspension will be lifted. I think WWE can't afford to do the promo for what can be the most-awaited match in the past 2 years, without Roman. It doesn't make sense kasi that match can easily be the main event for Wrestlemania which was booked on a C-caliber PPV like Battleground. So I believe they will run a storyline by which Roman will get missing and be pulled-out of the match. Then when he comes back the night after Battleground, he's a full-blown heel setting up the Triple threat at Summerslam. If WWE knew the violation before MITB, I wonder why they pushed to book the triple threat when they know Roman will be out of television. Is it because of the impending draft where one of them goes to SD? Story-line wise, it's confusing. Anyway, WWE will just shake this off ala Randy Orton. That guy got the same suspension twice, and still winning titles one after the other. So when Roman comes back, he'll win back the title just as Vince wanted. In this scenario, I believe Dean Ambrose is just good for 1-2 PPVs before the title comes back to either Rollins or Reigns.
  6. Hey guess what. Shane is running Raw again, sabi due to the clamor sa social media. Booking sense, parang useless ang Taker-Shane match. I guess they're not willing to let go of Shane because of the declining ratings. I'm okay with Roman as champ as long as he turns heel. Given the reaction he gets, the heel turn is inevitable. A tweener is a good idea too, but a monster heel is better. When that happens, enter returning Seth Rollins as babyface challenger!
  7. If Gary plays like the "Gary David" we know, then it's a good acquisition by San Miguel. After all, he's an explosive scorer despite being a hit-or-miss player. But he must not expect a lot of playing time because their guard roster are very loaded. The biggest loser in this is Chris Lutz. He barely gets playing time now, and most probably will get even less with the arrival of David. My wild guess.. he will be a trade bait to Mahindra or Blackwater by the end of the season. SMB is on target to get another big man or PF like Van Opstal or Mac Belo this coming draft.
  8. Late reaction about Wrestlemania. It's not the best, but I enjoyed more on this one rather than last year's Mania. There were a lot of disappointing, missed bookings such as Sasha, New Day and AJ not winning, no interference in the HIAC match, the underwhelming Street Fight and no heel turn for Roman Reigns after winning the title. Despite all of that, there are still worthy moments to remember like HBK, Austin and Mick, the Rock-Cena vs Wyatts, Zack Ryder having a WM moment, scrapping the trashy Divas title and replacing it with a legit one, Shane with his leap of faith dive over the roof of the cell and my most favorite one, Stephanie getting speared. Wrestling-wise, it pales in comparison with NXT Takeover, but entertainment-wise, it was an enjoyable show. Best match of the night is the Divas Triple Threat (except Charlotte winning) and the Shane-Taker HIAC (except Shane losing clean). Close one is the IC Ladder match. The main event is a bit mediocre, but still a good match. Trips mostly carried Roman here. If only this was a no DQ match, it would be more entertaining. Lesnar-Ambrose street Fight should not be taken literally because it's not. It was short-lived and sooo PG. Overall, it was an okay show. Still looking forward to next year's WM in Orlando, which sure will be promising with a lot of young, talented wrestlers coming. I'm quite expecting two matches next year: one is the Cena-Taker retirement match and the Shield triple threat for the WWE title. Rate: B+
  9. Roman Reigns is barely at #6 at 2.1M. Dean Ambrose is at #10. Here's the list from 6-10. 6. Roman Reigns 2.1 million 7. Undertaker 2.0 million 8. Big Show 1.5 million 9. Kane 1.3 million 10. Dean Ambrose 1.1 million All of The Shield members are in the Top 10. Greatest faction since DX. Congrats to those three. All hard workers.
  10. Just like last year, the main match card is down to 7 matches, which will fill up the whole 4-hour event. US title on the Pre-show? What the.. Ever since Cena dropped the title, the belt lost its prestige. But given the booking of this match, being placed in the pre-show is warranted. Predictions: *AJ/Y2J IV: AJ goes over Y2J. Jericho goes into hiatus again after WM. *New Day/LON: New Day wins. *Divas Triple Threat: Sasha Banks wins. *IC Title Ladder Match: Owens retains. *Ambrose/Lesnar: Brock wins, but Ambrose will give him a good fight. *Shane/Taker: Taker wins. Expect Shane to go high-fly. *Reigns/HHH: Reigns becomes 3-time champion. The Rock congratulates Roman, then spears Rocky for the heel turn we're all hoping for. One of the biggest swerves in Mania history. Not expecting a great WM, but I'll just enjoy the ride.
  11. Speaking of SUPER ECCHI anime that are for adults only.. These are not hentai (because these have actual storylines), but a bit close to that as far as nudity is concerned. High School DxD To Love Ru Darkness Yosuga No Sora Ladies vs Butlers School Days Shinmai Maou No Testament Freezing Seikon No Qwaser and so much more.. Some of those sucks, but if it's the erotic element that drives you to watch, then these are all good.
  12. Yeah I saw that TV plug. Good thing FOX will air Wrestlemania live. I guess the presence of WWE Network here in our country doesn't affect FOX's TV airing rights of WWE programs. Good news to all pinoy WWE fans. About Takeover being better than WM, I really can't agree on that. Maybe on a wrestling standpoint, yes but in terms of entertainment, WM would still outshine Takeover by a mile. Not to take anything about NXT, but I can't understate the showcase of the immortals over a house show kind of event just because the match card sucks. I mean, it's still Wrestlemania and it's like watching the Superbowl. Just my two cents.
  13. If they gonna pull off another "letdown" of an issue just like the Margo Midwinter one, might as well cease their publication for good. By the time they pulled out 100% hottie and the other adult sections, that already spelled doom for FHM. They continue to promise for better ones, but they just don't live up to expectations. They need to go back to what they used to be in their glory days. Change is good, but it must be for the better, not for worse.
  14. I wonder why they put a ladder match on the IC title instead of the US title where Kalisto is the champion and a known high-flyer who had that OMG moment at TLC. And look who's competing there.. Zack Ryder, Stardust and Sin Cara? Huwaaattt?? It could've been better if you can put Cesaro, Neville or maybe Luke Harper. Oh, I almost forgot. They're in that long injured list. Damn. Instead of the Andre The Giant Battle Royal, they should've made the Dudleys vs Uso in the Kick-off match because that one doesn't make any sense at all. Actually, the whole midcard part of this WM is weak. Although they're depleted, I can't really agree on that when Bray Wyatt (who battled Cena and Taker for 2 WMs) isn't even in any match. He's on his way on becoming the ultimate jobber to the big stars. What a waste. The only match that has the proper build is the main event. I cannot say that the match would suck, because WWE will make sure that Roman Reigns will put a good showing on that match, or else, his title win will be showered with 100,000 boos. I like the brutal build going to this match, which slightly reminds me of the attitude era due to the backstage brawls and use of stage blood. Ambrose-Lesnar will also be a promising one, but I'm not quite sure with Shane-Taker.
  15. Lame additions to the match card. Ryback vs Kalisto for the US Championship-- SERIOUSLY? Haven't they found any worthy opponent for Kalisto for that US Title? Ryback of all wrestlers? From a John Cena-Rusev to Kalisto-Ryback? Huge letdown. I expect like a Wyatt will gun for the title, or even a multi-man ladder match for this. Heck, even Tyler Breeze or Damien Mizdow will be better. I hope this one will be relegated to the Pre-show. Usos vs Dudley Boyz-- Another LETDOWN. Dudley Boyz suck as heel. What are they fighting for? Pointless feud put together in a pointless match. They should've include those two in the Tag Team titles contention, like a ladder match or something. WWE is really running out of ideas. They couldn't find ways to maximize the tag team division. The only matches that will make me watch Wrestlemania will be the Ambrose-Lesnar streetfight, Shane-Taker and Reigns-HHH. I'll also look forward to the divas match if they can pull off a Bailey-Sasha type of match. Rest of the card is not Wrestlemania-worthy.