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  1. Mga tol kumusta na? Royal Rumble na naman bukas, ready na ba kayo? Sino ang favorites nyo na manalo bukas?
  2. Nakakalungkot pa rin talagang malaman na totoo yung balita about ke Roman. Ganda pa naman ng career nya ngayon
  3. Your thoughts mga tol sa possible rematch?
  4. Sa Hyper na daw yung ppv tol eh. Tas yung SDL sa TV5.
  5. Bad News.. .
  6. I really love the scene where we see Theon asking Jon about his "family" and the "family" that raised him. In some weird ways they share similarities. Both were raised by Ned as if they were his, both were a crown prince of great houses and they both have incestuous tendencies
  7. This is the reason why we are not impress with the main roster's ppv. TakeOver always deliver. Right from the start we got sustained action and that surprise arrival by reDRagon and Adam Cole to end the show is awesome Baybay !!!
  8. So eto pala yung pinaguusapang tambalan ng mga netizens.. .
  9. Tsaka mas maganda talaga pag sa mismong release date pinanood. Iba yung feeling pag may kasabay kang mag-enjoy manood. Sa batuhan talaga ng linya ni Jon tsaka ni Gendry ako natuwa eh.
  10. After kong mapanood kahapon yung episode 4 ng Season 7 ng GoT tsaka ko na-realize na mas mahaba pala ang hihintayin ko bago ko mapanood yung episode 5
  11. Dunno if it belongs here or in the Funny Pics thread.
  12. Siguro dahil nakasabay kasi nila yunbg episode 2 ng Game of Thrones kaya di nila itinodo yung performance except that Tag-team match between The New Day and The Usos (that was AWESOME).
  13. A friendly advise.. .
  14. Eto na yun resulta ng re-score.