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  1. good thing i skipped this then, had some concerns about longetivity and gameplay when beta came out. sayang though, ganda pa naman ng concept.
  2. nujabes - aruarian dance and counting stars
  3. i suggest you first start building up your savings. Set aside a certain percentage of your salary once you get it and put it in a savings account and don't touch it. You may already have an idea of what your monthly expenses are, just deduct that plus a little extra for emergencies and unexpected expenses and put the rest in your savings. Since you live with your parents and you're getting the house in the future i see no reason in getting a condo. investment wise, condos aren't that great since the market is already saturated. If you plan on leasing, it will take a long long time to get your money back. So for me, build up your savings, once you're comfortable enough with it, you can allocate part of your future salary into an investment fund or get life insurance for your parents.
  4. Gin Blossoms - follow you down, til i hear it from you, hey jealousy anything from Nujabes
  5. CATS lang nilalaro ko sa ngayon. crash arena turbo stars. kaya f2p
  6. in no particular order and i consider trilogy and duology as one since similar sila 1. John Wick duology 2. 300 4. Gladiator 5. Equilibrium 6. Kill Bill 7. Hard Boiled 8. Ruruoni Kenshin trilogy 9. LOTR trilogy 10. Indiana Jones trilogy
  7. Please don't post spoilers or discussions yet on the season 7 finale. wait a few days as others might not have watched it yet.
  8. since she has a dagger of valyrian steel it's a possibility. but her looking like a zombie... baka mahuli siya bago makalapit.
  9. please don't post spoilers, some people prefer waiting for monday before watching it. besides your comment shows up for all to see on the unread content and forum page.
  10. in no particular order. natandaan ko tuloy yung chorus girl compilations. 1. China Crisis - Black Man Ray 2. Naked Eyes - Always Something There to Remind Me 3. FR David - Sahara Nights 4. Big Country - Big Country 5. Seona Dancing - More to Lose 6. Icicle Works - Whisper to a Scream 7. General Public - Tenderness 8. Three O' Clock - On Paper 9. Red Rockers - China 10. Belouis Some - Animal Magic
  11. change is coming. for better or worse i don't know. while i try to keep an open mind about things and hope this administration does succeed, it's kind of hard to trust people who just run their mouth off and say one thing and do another. it's also hard to respect someone who doesn't even have respect for other countries and their elected leaders. anyway i'm just stating my opinion.
  12. yes to death penalty. unfortunately like so many laws in our country, the problem lies in execution(it just happened).
  13. dota 2, world of warcraft, bejeweled hehe.
  14. in no particular order. 1. Contra 2. World of Warcraft 3. FF7 4. Dota and Dota2 5. Battle City
  15. in no particular order 1. Earth Wind and Fire 2. Gin Blossoms 3. The Smiths 4. Boyz II Men 5. Breathe 6. Spandau Ballet 7. Dave Matthews Band 8. Tears for Fears 9. Swing Out Sisters 10. Sting and The Police