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  1. Witcher 3, GTA Series, PUBG, League of Legends, Monster Hunter 3U, 4G, World, Dota, Counter Strike, Battlefield 1,3,4.
  2. eto para sa gusto i stream lang https://gostream.is/film/kingsman-the-golden-circle-21976/watching.html
  3. Anybody here playing PUBG?
  4. Sa akin kinuha ko lang sa Net "ItHurtsWhenIP"
  5. Noted sir,  kindly delete my comment on Maikel Jordan's thread. Thank you :D

  6. Witcher 3 here, just finished the story and the HoS expansion and now exploring Touissant.
  7. Kasama si Tony Jaa, mukhang astig eto
  8. Overwatch cosplay Tracer D. Va Widowmaker Genji Mei
  9. When a pair of boobs is not enough
  10. Madami pa sir, isa na ako dun, AOA, Apink fan here
  11. League of Legends, Terraria, and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Depende sa mood haha
  12. I agree sir that son of a b**** deserves to die in the cruelest way possible. By the way if someone can upload the episode 2 thanks in advance.
  13. Just saw the movie. I agree with Sir. This_is_the_end just don't compare it with the comics thoogh. You'll just end up dissapointed.
  14. Hi po mga ka APS, I just purchased a DSLR camera, I was wondering kung ano po ba ang magandang settings when taking pictures landscapes and portraits. I just started this hobby, hopefully matulungan nyo ako, thanks in advance po