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  1. Kanye's great... production-wise... JAY Z, I think, his impact is more on the culture. But if we're talking rap, as music... Kanye wins.
  2. That ENDO bill pushing through though... akala ko binitawan na.. haha what a twist!
  3. Solenn, Andrea Torres, Kim Domingo, Bianca Peralta, Arci hehe
  4. HAHA classic yung sa NewGrounds hahaha nakakamiss! I know hindi counted, pero naalala ko yung mga minigame sa God of War HAHAHA
  5. Kakatapos lang nung Greatest Royal Rumble ehh... di ko lang sure kung counted yung stats dun haha Si Braun nanalo haha
  6. Dream Finals: Rockets vs Cavs most likely mangyayareng Finals: Celtics vs Warriors
  7. Noong lumabas ang Black Panther... ginawa kong "Wakanda Vibranium Ultra-Fast WiFi" HAHAHAA
  8. Mga Ed Sheeran songs ang magiging mabenta diyan hahaha
  9. Something in the lines of Fall Out Boy or Panic! at the Disco... Pop Punk na may Pinoy touch.
  10. Sad, so yung. Nung nag-early retirement siya kinutuban na din naman ako, kase for "health" issues daw.
  11. In our LTO branch here, wala pa. Laging first 50 lang daw. Nakakadisappoint, as usual. Ang sabi noon, pag available na cards, just show your "papel" ok na, ngayon paunahan pa din.
  12. Eventually din naman, all print will follow suit, Summit is just being smart here.
  13. “True teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross; then, having… https://t.co/rZ2nud8MFI

  14. Last game I finished was Assassin's Creed Syndicate, from a person that's not a fan of the series, I was surprised on how good it was. I was disappointed kase with Unity and Black Flag, I quit half-way thru. I just tried Syndicate to give AC a third chance, and I'm glad I did.
  15. Hello APS! Any PS4 gamers out there? What's in your library? Currently, mine goes: NBA 2k16 WWE 2k16 GTA V Infamous SS Infamous FL Batman AK Nathan Drake Collection Just Cause 3 Life is Strange For me, I usually like to restrict mine to around 10 games at a time. I think kase madami na yung more than 10. I usually play a game until I finish the story, then sell it and buy a new one to replace it. HAHA How about you guys?