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  1. Let's just bring back the old PPVs Names...and the exclusivity to each brand. i.e. Backlash is to RAW while Judgment Day is to SD! with the exceptions of the BIG 4 (Summer Slam, Survivor Series, Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania). Also, keep the unique titles apart, bring back the cruiser weight title (I believe this will happen since there is an ongoing CW Global Series). If I'm going to split the brand, something like this: RAW: Rollins Reigns Owens Wyatt Family Enzo & Cass Orton + NXT Prospects SD! Cena Styles + The Club Zayn New Day Lesnar + NXT Prospects Can we do a mock draft? That would be fun. Thanks Guys!
  2. @sir drake, yung mga rare ba pano ko ipost? Post agad sa proper category or sa VIP (wala pa kasi akong access). Salamat
  3. Hi Everyone, First of all, THANK YOU! To all the stuff that were shared in this site. KUDOS to all the contributors and admins. Been lurking the site for a year now (almost 2 years) and an AVID FAN so to speak, I just wanted to share a short and crisp story: After months of encountering the Oops! Error message, gentlemen, I've finally made it! Yes, it may sound noob but it is the truth and now I am ready to share my stuff. It's about time to give. Looking forward in sharing the positive energy across the APS Universe. Thank You. - John Turok