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  1. Guys baka may naka gawa na neto sa inyo. Baka may tips kayo kung pano to gawin. Yung gumagana sana. Para sa mga contest. Salamat.
  2. Silent Hill Origins OST and GTA Vice City tracks. :-)
  3. Ako Basketball Hero. Hehe. Since di nko makapaglaro sa actual court, at least sa virtual court man lang haha!
  4. @Smeagol Can you show us a screenshot of the URL you're trying to open?
  5. Just remove the i. in the address bar. That will do the trick.
  6. Can someone give me an estimated budget to Coron, Palawan and an itinerary? Maybe some of you have been there already. Thanks.
  7. Here's mine: 1. Ann Mateo 2. Ellen Adarna 3. Maica Palo 4. Lhea Bernardino 5. Peachy Estoque
  8. Sir technoviking, I'll send you a private message.. That's very interesting.
  9. @rodennization I suggest you start with a business that is really yours. Build a network of entrepreneurs and then grow your money. Franchising is ok but it is more fulfilling to watch your own business as it grows. With the right mindset and that capital, I think there's a lot of room for you to succeed. What are the things that you have invested in yourself so far?
  10. Noted sir,  kindly delete my comment on Maikel Jordan's thread. Thank you :D

  11. Obladi Oblada - The Beatles. Naligaw yung last post ni sir Vinno haha!
  12. Strange as it seems, I believe that there is a supreme creator but my belief is very different. People call it aliens because they don't understand the science of a God. Atheists always reiterates that evolution is a fact. It was being accepted by the scientific community as scientifically correct but it is not scientifically accurate. We all have different DNAs and the chimps are nowhere close to humans. There is a religious scripture which is close to perfection in my opinion and that is the Vedas. The bible is a workbook. The textbook is the Vedas. It explains the science of the soul and the science of the gods and demigods. These are the same aliens that the ancient astronaut theorists suggests. So if you'll notice, in every episode of Ancient Aliens, there is Vishnu, Shiva, Krishna, Brahma, etc. Because they were the closest. I was always fascinated on how the different languages of the world started. How binary codes were made as a language. How the pyramid was built. The idea behind Agartha, Shambala, Heaven, etc. It was all explained very well as a fore knowledge. The problem with science is that people are taking all the credits with their own limits. When there is no possible explanation, it gets rejected. (because they can't). Imagine people in the 1300's with limited scientific knowledge, met a man who has an idea that internet will exist in the future. Scientists on that era will reject it because they won't think it is possible. Scientists will claim that the internet existed because there was an evolution among humans and technology. But why reject the fact that the internet is already there from the very beginning waiting to be discovered? Scientists up to now cannot even create a single strand of hair out of something. The problem about religion is that it became cultural. They grew up a muslim, they reject everything. They grew up as christians, they reject everything. They refuse to test the waters. They even won't accept the belief of others even if there are similarities in their teachings. Having that said, there are no contradictions between gods, aliens, and science. The problem is the limited capacity of the human brain to go beyond its limit. Just try to think how did the sun and moon were perfectly placed to provide humans with daylight and a quiet moonshine so that humans can sleep well during the night. Why do we have the beauty of the sea and make water a human necessity? I might not believe in a white-haired bearded god and his long-haired son but I believe that there is an architect out there who planned how everything should work. I'm an alien myself, a Venusian to be exact, and this is... Wait for it... Vader. Have a good day everyone!
  13. Alias - One More Chance Survivor - Eye of the Tiger Survivor - Burning Heart Stan Bush - Fight to Survive Kevin Chalfant - Hold on to the Vision Sammy Hagar - Winner Takes It All John Cafferty - Hearts on Fire Survivor - American Heartbeat
  14. I noticed that most people here in APS are well-versed in business as well so I decided to start a thread that will inspire and motivate our fellow APS users in creating their own businesses. You can share your business success stories, startup ideas, business struggles, find a business partner, and provide financial literacy among our fellow APS users. Please note that you are not allowed to share your business name or company name in this thread. We respect your privacy. You are only allowed to reveal your business name or company name through private messaging to the interested party.
  15. Salamat sa link This_Is_The_End. Matagal pa pala. Nakaka inip na... Hehe.