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  1. welcome @playboy77 please check the FAQ's in my signature and enjoy the site.
  2. APSters we're trying to improve the topics in the site. Feel free to suggest any new topics so that we can make the form more interactive. Let us know your thoughts so we can consider it. Thanks.
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  6. call us by our usernames, that'll be fine. again di naman bawal yung pinost mo to discuss, ang we don't encourage is anything related to your case. not the circumstance of your case itself.
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  8. let's not discuss further the details of the case kasi we don't discuss those kind of topics here as per forum rule #07. but for the subject matter of hand, you can change your lawyer. think of it as a doctor for the lack of better comparison. you can always change your doctor if you are not confident with him anymore. the only problem is that new lawyer requires familiarization sa case mo (same din naman for a new doctor, kailangan nya malaman full medical history mo). you are the client and you have to right to choose your attorney hanggat di ka pa accused. again this is just my suggestion pero further consult legal experts before you take any decision.
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