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  1. thanks @mihirolover as of now this is the only option. we'll let you know if there'll be any updates later.
  2. @I am Vincent salamat bossing.
  3. salamat @Stewie
  4. @dylan thanks we'll send you the details later.
  5. Thanks @Neo deLa Cruz pero so far paypal lang ang possible as of now.
  6. @BaguhangAlamat thanks for the support.
  7. Thank you for the continued support @fujicko as always for 3 years now. Acknowledged and I removed the details for privacy reasons. Thank you in behalf of the staff of APS.
  8. arson or not, 45 days pa aantayin natin. sa ibang bansa it should've been quick, but this is the best we can do.
  9. well not yet late for the comeback @Sofie check the FAQ's in my signature and be active and enjoy the site.
  10. watched these docs in flight. pampalipas oras but cox did a good job narrating. 2nd to david attenborough.
  11. try updating your flash.
  12. welcome and please check the FAQ's in my signature and the forum rules as well. enjoy your stay @Kentchan1992
  13. @doodledoo it's always an auto-deduction unless you cancel. suggest you contact their support team. There's a phone and email support in their website.
  14. salamat sa contributions @carlo1225 you deserve the top spot!
  15. upwork at elance.