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  1. welcome bobbysponge. please read the FAQ's in my signature and enjoy your stay here.
  2. Legit - rule #07, multiple accounts and 2 previous warnings.
  3. welcome Karl. You can find the answers in the FAQs link in my signature.
  4. welcome don't forget to visit the forum rules and FAQ's in my signature.
  5. welcome...for FAQ's please check my signature. enjoy the site.
  6. can be part of promotion stint, can be true. we cannot say. but i'm still sure this will be a fluke game in favor of the Money.
  7. Welcome bro sa Forum. We need to deactivate your old account. Two accounts are not allowed. Let me know via PM which account you want to deactivate. For FAQs please check my signature.
  8. sir good day... ask ko lang po sana ng favor na if pwedeng pa delete yung kagagawa ko lng na account na bago ( user name - taws yoh ) may space po sya... i have log in problems issues before thru fb... akala ko po di ko na ma open po eh kaya gumawa ulit ako ng bago nabasa ko po dun sa isa na gnu din ang problem nya kaya gumawa na din sya ng bago... but recently na fix na po yung issue so now im using my old user name thanx po dun sa nag ayos.. hindi ko na din ginagamit yung ginawa kong bago. hope that i wont be banned from APS family for having this problem, e2 lang po ang stress reliever ko dito sa abroad. thanx po ng marami sir... God bless

    1. Helfayv


      Thank you...duplicate account deleted.

    2. tawsyoh


      thanx po ng marami ulit sir... i really appreciated it very much.. God bless

  9. Hi

    welcome have fun and enjoy your stay. please find time to go through the forum rules & regulations.
  10. TOTOY BROWN asked his Hot & Sexy classmate to have sex with him. TOTOY BROWN: Sex tayo! Babayaran kita, 1 thousand bibilisan ko, tatapon ko yung 1 thousand pesos sa sahig, tuwad ka habang pinupulot mo. Pag nakuha mo na yung 1,000 pesos titigil na ako. SEXY: Call ko muna BF ko if payag sya. (Tinawagan niya) BF: Sige, payag ako. Basta bilisan mo lang pagdampot para walang mangyari. AFTER 10min. Tumawag si BF BF: nakuha mo na pera? SEXY: aaaahhhh.. Hindi pa eh!!.. Aaaaahhhh... Aaaaahhhh... BF: eh bakit? SEXY: syeettt, TIG PIPISO!
  11. Welcome, stay active and for FAQ's and forum rules, please check my signature.
  12. @James1234 you are already signed in, FB sign in is the least of your concern now. Again, warning has been given to you, do not spam or speed post. And don't post here, this is not the proper thread for you to posts these kind of concerns.
  13. RIP the Trashing Machine.......
  14. Provide us your old username.
  15. another fluke fight.....imo. high expectations for notorious in the beginning, after this match was made, ewan ko na lang.