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  1. Hi Mga ka APS Would like to start a thread regarding this. If ever may alam or nakatry na ng Pheromones. Does it work ba? And at the same time any good recommendation of for us men and san kayo nakakabili ng legit/authentic but murang perfume/cologne? Mahal kasi sa MALL
  2. I listen to this bands and I don't know if they are indie Ben&Ben The Ransom Collective Autotelic Conscious & The Goodness
  3. Bought a new phone Nokia 7 Plus
  4. Issue din siguro is wala din maganda ng content sa FHM, unlike dati. More like traditional mag na lang siya. Naalala ko dati nakakuha pa ako ng GTA IV dito sa mag nila. Diana Menezes pa cover nun.
  5. Been using JBL E45BT for year. Durable and never ko ata na lowbat. I like the sound and bass plus if wala ng charge yung headphone pede mo gawing wired. So far so good.
  6. F is for Family!
  7. Hi All, Would like to open a topic about aircon and stuff. I'll be getting a condo with a 28SQM in size. I was wondering if how many HP do I need? I'm so confused on what to get. Thanks
  8. Suggest ko sayo boss, punta na lang kayo KTV Like Airforce, East Asia, Classmates etc. depende sa budget mo, kuha ka VIP room na may videoke at food tapos pili kayo babae. ayun
  9. @calos We already have life insurance. Maybe that's the better way, I think ipon na lang muna no. Thanks for the input sir
  10. Hi Guys I need some advice with my Financial and Investment Plans I'm currently 25 years old working on an IT Firm having a salary of ranges 50-60K per month. I have no savings as of now. I'm regular on this job. I'm currently on process of registering in COL Financial (Stock Market and would like to do a passive investment). I'll be quitting to vices and such, that's my plan from the start, that before 25 I'll do the splurge and start earning at 26 and up so by 30 I'm stable. Not married and no Children also no debt and also no credit card. Thinking of applying one but I held back. Now my parents are old senior citizen and my sister is well off already ( has a house and car). So the house I'm staying now with my parents will be mine as it's been discussed already. What I'm planning is getting a condo and put my money investment on it. The Prices of the condo i'm getting ranges from 2M-3M around Makati/Mandaluyong area. Should I go for the condo or no? I should just start saving money?
  11. Yes sir! Dati I'm into hacking the blackhat and other stuff ngayon hindi na, yep Buffer overflow at Havij ba yun SQL injection. uso na ngayon is yung idown site or server. Botnet stuffs
  12. Those we're the days.Nag wilw0rm ka din pala sir. Cain & Abel yung old school
  13. Anyone here has an idea on custom water cooling loop or AIO kits not the CLC ones?
  14. Bad experience din ako kay Yassi. Car show din yun, halatang wala siya sa mood at hindi natayo sa upuan, at hindi man lang nagaaccomodate ng magpapapicture, ni smile wala,at tama DSLR dapat gamit mo para mapansin ka, parang sa panliligaw lang pag naka kotse ka kaw agad pansinin, pano mo maaproach yung model at magagamit interaction kung in the first place ayaw nilang makipag interact. Si Yassi mostly mga tropa or friends lang nya kausap nun, tapos hindi ka papansinin. Namimiss ko tuloy si Umali, siya yung mabait at approachable
  15. I would like to add pa is Meshuggah,Epica,Nightwish and Kamelot kaso wala na si Roy Khan. Metal fan lang, but I enjoy all types of music