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  1. This is actually based from crimes of passion observed in other countries. It is not weird, but is an expected response by an enraged busband. But if you think this is weird, I will give you a “weirder”perspective of this case by giving you actual cases. There was a case decided by the SC in 1939, People vs. Gonzales. What happened in this case was the husband caught his wife with another man, doing acts preparatory to sexual intercourse, in short, “foreplay.” To make the long story short, the enraged husband ran after the man, but was unable to catch him. So he went back to the house, attacked her wife without intending to kill her, but her wife died anyway. The Supreme Court convicted the husband of parricide, and did not exculpate him from killing, applying strictly the aforementioned provision. They said that for the provision to apply, the husband should have caught them in the act of sexual intercourse. Although there is one justice who dissented, finding it unfair that the killing was not justified because the act would definitely lead into sexual intercourse, and it is contrary to natural response for the husband to wait for the actual carnal act for him to act accordingly. However, in 1987, the Supreme Court, in People vs. Abarca, made another ruling. So in this case, the husband did not actually catch his wife having sex with another man, but only learned of it an hour after. He killed the man an hour after the sexual act. The Supreme Court, surprisingly, applied this case, justifying the act of killing, although it happened an hour after, because the law “only requires that the death caused be the proximate result of the outrage overwhelming the accused after chancing upon his spouse in the basest act of infidelity.”
  2. Anyare sa Tambo-NAIA area? Intense ang traffic ⚠

  3. Opinions of “overnight experts” regarding political events are part of Democracy. Deal with it.

  4. One year Attorneyversary. Still in awe and in disbelief when addressed as Atty.

  5. "This is who I am. It's who I've always been. It's time, Harvey... It's time." #Suits #SuitsGoodbye

  6. When you see results, it becomes an addiction

  7. RT @SCPh_PIO: ADVISORY: #BAR2017 Results will be released on April 26, 2018 (Thursday) in Manila after a special En Banc session to deliber…

  8. Ask me anything!

  9. @mikeeest Hi Mikee. Personally, sinasagot ko yan, hindi para mahiya at kumuha ka na ng plan, but to show my appreci…


  11. Can't believe that Pierce Brosnan (who used to play James Bond) was overpowered by Jackie Chan. That comic martial…

  12. 1. Tax refund is generally claimed at the end of taxable year. Ganito kasi ang sistema. Employer is required under the law to withhold your monthly tax liabilities, rather than require each employee to personally file their income tax return. At the end of taxable year, icocompute mo yung tax liabilities mo for the entire year, and any discrepancy between actually withheld and your annual tax liability, dapat irefund ng employer. So kung magreresign ka at the closing of the year, this general rule will apply. But if you will resign at the middle of the year, the employer will then compute your tax liability, and will be required to refund, if any, excess taxes withheld. 2. Yes. Lawful management ang prerogative na irequire ang employees na magfile ng medical certificate kapag sick leave. Unfair at prone to abuse kung tatawag ka ng sickleave, lalo na sa mga nakainom, pero wala ka naman sakit. Isipin mo na lang, kung ikaw ang employer, at lahat ng empleyado mo magsisickleave ng walang medical certificate, aabusuhin ka ng empleyado mo, aabsent yan at magdadahilan na maysakit without proof.
  13. Comes with Balloon-like latex phone cover to keep your phone “Safe and Protected”

  14. #NewProfilePic

  15. I have been seeing poor reviews about "Siargao." The bad things they say about the movie, for me, is its beauty. It…