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  1. Even if you believe you did the worst on the first Sunday, show up on three remaining Sundays. You still have six m… https://t.co/wXdKm2WlNk

  2. Maybe, Taxi Operators are hiring criminals to target TNVS drivers, to make it appear that booking your ride is not really safe.

  3. Though budget approved by HoR is not yet final, it just shows that we cannot rely on them, nor expect them to do something that makes sense

  4. RT @cheeseopinions: Kian Loyd WAS A DUTERTE SUPPORTER who supported the War on Drugs. And he got killed by the men he supported. #JusticeFo…

  5. Happy Birthday, Your Honor, Justice Velasco https://t.co/XZw3bvjxsP

  6. @MsGrean Thank you. Hahahaha sige. Resume kami audit on Jul 31

  7. Sundate @marygracegatus https://t.co/hbao9HVWJr

  8. @maicaliboon push haha

  9. @maicaliboon oks lang. Di ko naman miss ang pagaaral hahaha

  10. Eh paano kung tunay ang marriage contract, pero ang katotohanan ay walang kasal na naganap at pineke ang pirma nung isa? Ang proper remedy ayon sa kaso ng Republic of the Philippines vs. Olaybar (G.R. 189538) "Petition for cancellation of entry under Rule 108." Sa kasong na decided ng Supreme Court, ang babae yung petitioner at nung kumuha siya ng CENOMAR dahil magpapakasal na siya, eh nagulat siya na kasal na siya sa isang Koreano. Nagpresente siya ng madaming ebidensya na walang kasal na naganap. Ang proper petition daw ay cancellation of entry, at hindi declaration of nullity of marriage, dahil "in allowing the correction of the subject certificate of marriage by cancelling the wife portion thereof, the trial court did not, in any way, declare the marriage void as there was no marriage to speak of"
  11. Kapag fake ang marriage contract, in my opinion, di mo na kailangan magfile for petition of declaration of nullity of marriage. Anyway, ang requirement naman kadalasan ay pagkuha ng CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage) sa NSO. Kapag fake ang marriage contract, di yan lalabas sa records ng NSO.
  12. @maicaliboon may en banc daw talaga. pero kung sa bar ba yun, hindi sure.

  13. @maicaliboon 8-4:30 lang naman ako haha

  14. The Harvey Specter, better than ever. That "fat" tie and double-breasted suit. #Suits #SuitsPremiere https://t.co/7qvF3lAc56

  15. History will know that CJ Corona's Impeachment is Injustice. https://t.co/igJ6pQCHr3