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  1. I never felt any relief from what happened; rather, it felt ambivalent, if not somehow devastating. Similar to how…

  2. To ate who is doing crotchet, you're a legend. And I hope that whoever will receive the finished item will realize…

  3. Tulog pa more. Lumagpas ka tuloy sa babaan mo hahahaha

  4. @JedTycangco Prone sa weight gain yan kasi mali lifestyle nila. Pero pag ikaw consistent ka sa discipline kahit ano…

  5. @JedTycangco Mas makakagym ka sa graveyard. Sa dayshift makakain ng travel yung time na you could've been working out

  6. @marygracegatus So matangkad ka?

  7. @felixocta Marerebate naman yan. May katagalan lang. Laking abala. Debit card ko before compromised din pero nabalik naman.

  8. "Hindi nadadaan sa hashtags ang pagyaman" - Randell Tiongson

  9. @maicaliboon Alam mo naman pala eh hahaha

  10. Depends on who you ask. But, considering the Canon Law of Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churces, they will refuse exorcism at first instance. The alleged “possession” must be first have some scientific explanation, among others, schizoprenia or other mental illnesses. If all scientific and medical remedies are already exhausted, only then will these churches consider exorcism, still to be approved by their respective councils.
  11. Mag-invest na kayo. Economista na ang Speaker ng House of Representatives.

  12. Trending thread about off the menu beverages in Starbucks. But I've been strictly drinking black coffee for more than a year now.

  13. Study tips for Bar Candidates: a monthly study plan outperforms a daily study plan. (c) Harford, Tim (2016), Messy…

  14. Pero kung mag PAO ka, pero previously may counsel ka, baka irefuse ng PAO na irepresent ka. You have to prove your indigency. And relax ka lang, mabigat na paratang na ginagatasan ka lang ng abogado mo. May process sa pagpapadismiss ng criminal case, may rules na sinusunod, hindi pwedeng kung kailan mo lang gusto. Baka yang 4 years na yan, eh actively participating pa ang prosecution, and its not even your turn to present your case, baka madami lang resetting of hearing due to various factors. Kapag naarraign ka na, your lawyer may ask for dismissal only if: 1. The prosecution has lost interest in proceeding with the case, i.e., sunod sunod na di umaattend ng hearing ang prosecution, or 2. The prosecution has already rested its case, then your lawyer may file demurrer to evidence.
  15. Judges would require your handling counsel to file his Withdrawal of Appearance, then the new lawyer has to file an Entry of Apperance. Though may judges na pumapayag na new lawyer would just file his Entry of Appearance without requiring the old one to Withdraw his appearance, but uubra lang siya if the old one has been absent for three consecutive hearings. So sabihin mo lang sa lawyer mo, palitan na kita. Papayag naman ang lawyers diyan, wala naman magagawa if ayaw mo na sa services niya. But in doing so, lawyers have this right called “retaining lien.” Hanggang di siya bayad sa mga agreed upon fees, he has the right not to turn over your case files to the new lawyer.