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  1. Can't believe that Pierce Brosnan (who used to play James Bond) was overpowered by Jackie Chan. That comic martial… https://t.co/vAXttJmxak

  2. 1. Tax refund is generally claimed at the end of taxable year. Ganito kasi ang sistema. Employer is required under the law to withhold your monthly tax liabilities, rather than require each employee to personally file their income tax return. At the end of taxable year, icocompute mo yung tax liabilities mo for the entire year, and any discrepancy between actually withheld and your annual tax liability, dapat irefund ng employer. So kung magreresign ka at the closing of the year, this general rule will apply. But if you will resign at the middle of the year, the employer will then compute your tax liability, and will be required to refund, if any, excess taxes withheld. 2. Yes. Lawful management ang prerogative na irequire ang employees na magfile ng medical certificate kapag sick leave. Unfair at prone to abuse kung tatawag ka ng sickleave, lalo na sa mga nakainom, pero wala ka naman sakit. Isipin mo na lang, kung ikaw ang employer, at lahat ng empleyado mo magsisickleave ng walang medical certificate, aabusuhin ka ng empleyado mo, aabsent yan at magdadahilan na maysakit without proof.
  3. Comes with Balloon-like latex phone cover to keep your phone “Safe and Protected”

  4. #NewProfilePic https://t.co/HZrefsm2BL

  5. I have been seeing poor reviews about "Siargao." The bad things they say about the movie, for me, is its beauty. It… https://t.co/YZL3fhcaW8

  6. @pretzzchel @marygracegatus Ano bang prefer mong features. Para makapost na ko ng opening. Madami diyan. Hahaha!

  7. Dear Bar Candidates, when you walk through the campus of UST on 26 Nov 2017, the final leg of #Bar2017, take a brie… https://t.co/vwDBf8pLKi

  8. Even if you believe you did the worst on the first Sunday, show up on three remaining Sundays. You still have six m… https://t.co/wXdKm2WlNk

  9. Maybe, Taxi Operators are hiring criminals to target TNVS drivers, to make it appear that booking your ride is not really safe.

  10. Though budget approved by HoR is not yet final, it just shows that we cannot rely on them, nor expect them to do something that makes sense

  11. RT @cheeseopinions: Kian Loyd WAS A DUTERTE SUPPORTER who supported the War on Drugs. And he got killed by the men he supported. #JusticeFo…

  12. Happy Birthday, Your Honor, Justice Velasco https://t.co/XZw3bvjxsP

  13. @MsGrean Thank you. Hahahaha sige. Resume kami audit on Jul 31

  14. Sundate @marygracegatus https://t.co/hbao9HVWJr

  15. @maicaliboon push haha