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  1. Papasikat siya e. Magdodonate daw ng facemask para maiwasan magkahawaan ng sakit. Nung may nagsuggest na air disinf…

  2. @PaulinetAngela @LawStdntsofMNL He was my professor, and way back 2016, he was in a not so good shape. It's good to…

  3. Do you realize how dangerous it is to implement laws against single use plastics? Establishments would not opt for…

  4. So disheartening to hear from someone who wants to file a case for economic abuse (under VAWC), that PAO insisted n…

  5. 10 days still no dial tone and internet connection. Have to wait for 1 hour just to speak with a rep. After all t…

  6. @PLDT_Cares Your contractors just have a list of customers, and they will try to get as many as they can. Hindi ba…

  7. “Enjoy the tour and do not complain. Whatever happens, it’s the journey that matters.” -Linyahan ng mga poor organizers

  8. @pretzzchel Ukay daw o @marygracegatus nagaaccept ba tayo ng consignment? Hahaha

  9. RT @adam_tooze: Rich countries tend to have large middle classes (btw 75 and 200% of median income), the exception is the US. @OECD_Stat @L…

  10. @jugzjugzjugz Solo practice?

  11. @marygracegatus Depende siya sa branch. Di nasusunod. Yung nabili ko sa moa, green, naka 80 percent. From 2175, 175 na lanh hahahaha

  12. I. BP 22 Bouncing Checks Law only pertains to a check issued in payment of an obligation, but turns out it is drawn against an account which has insufficient funds. No element of deceit is necessary, a dishonored check is sufficient to sustain a conviction Estafa (in relation to issuance of a bounced check) pertains when a person FRAUDULENTLY issues a check in payment of an obligation, knowing that it has insufficient or no funds. Element of Fraud is necessary. Both these cases are criminal in nature. These are filed in order to compel the debtor to pay, considering the imprisonment involved should your debtor fails to settle the obligation. In your case, since the checks already bounced, you did the right thing on sending a demand letter to your debtor. But I suggest use a courier that has tracking as proof that the mail is received, or course the letter through registered mail in the Post Office. If the debtor still failed to pay despite repeated demands, you may file a criminal case. You may seek the assistance of your own lawyer, or file your complaint affidavit directly in the Prosecutor’s Office, the Prosecutor will represent you in court. Fees: Lawyer Acceptance Fee: minimum of P30,000 ; Appearance for every hearing, minimum P3,500 if without lawyer, directly to the prosecutor, just the filing fee P1,000.00 preparation and notarization of complaint affidavit, should not exceed P2,000 (well it depends some charges way more) II. You do not have the right to compel your debtor to give to you his personal property as payment of obligation, if you don’t have a contract of pledge or mortgage that puts the property as collateral. In money claims, payment in cash is the initial resort, only in case of inability to pay in cash would give the right to auction the property of your debtor, but this is through an execution process sanctioned by the court. III. Which brings me to the last alternative, filing a civil case for collection of money. Since the amount is P300K, exclusive of interest, it falls under the “Small Claims”, you don’t need a lawyer for this case. In fact, lawyers are prohibited from appearing in behalf of clients in these cases. You may just go to the MTC in your area and ask for form for Small Claims complaint. There’s also forms downloadable online. Only cost, notarization of your complaint and filing fees.
  13. RT @KingDipper28: Most students only have roughly 3 productive study hours (total) per day. The rest of the "I study for 8hrs a day" is so…

  14. Source of happiness mo na yung water bill mo eh P130 lang. #ultratito

  15. Your group visited a wake. You had your “pagpag” in a coffee shop. Going home, all of you still shared a ride. Su…