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  1. Well, parehong trash talker ang mga ito. But now, I'll go for the Irish guy. Mas mabigat ang kamay e.
  2. Yup, dapat mag-champion si Pacman dito. I think title fight naman ito.
  3. Credit to the Original Creators.
  4. Mukhang malabo na ito sir. Nabasa ko from local tech blog na up to now, wala pang confirmation si Telstra e. Pero San Miguel will still push their plans as the third option. Yun nga lang, with Wi-Tribe, epic fail sila at least for me.
  5. Both were really good and could have gone either way for me. But I want to thank them for bringing back the "slum dunk." Iba yung dating ng mga ginawa nila compared to recent years.
  6. Gulper Seriously, IT Professional and Uber driver...
  7. Kami naman destiny wala din. I'll go for the lightweight champ for this one.
  8. Yup, may attitude lang itong si Rousey e. Namemersonal ang datingan. Pero definitely not overrated. As per Helfayv, sensationalized.
  9. Doon ako sa underdog..kay Punk, by lucky punch or submission.