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  1. @Sir Moses, refer to link below... http://idup.to/i9zl19bx28mg OR https://clicknupload.org/lweohtxohvvi Cheers!
  2. Early Man (2018) HD Direct download https://openload.co/f/sL0jDDagyt0/EARLYMANBD72.Ganool.im.rar
  3. Game Night (2018) Direct download https://openload.co/f/1mglMXBrkjM/GAMENIGHTWEBD72.Ganool.ac.rar
  4. Parokya Ni Edgar – Inuman Na Chorus: Tama na 'yan inuman na Hoy pare koy tumagay ka Nananabik na lalamunan Naghihintay nag aabang https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTY8IANInMI
  5. Ready Player One (2018) 720p Direct download https://openload.co/f/pBP-JIYXNGU/SHQREADYPLAYERONEHDR72.Ganool.ac.rar
  6. Hi Sir Maveriq,

    Pardon my ignorance, paki takedown po yung pics ni Erah Kanjee nude: www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/topic/4925-erah-kanjee/ from Sir Yohan.

    I should have known better, again apology. :(






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      wala na doon, now lang kasi ako nakapag open. thanks!

  7. Microsoft has announced new tools during their Microsoft Build 2018 Conference for seamless interaction between the user’s PC and mobile device. First up is the Your Phone application for Windows 10 which links your phone and Windows 10 PC. With the app, you can send web pages from your phone instantly to your PC and continue what you’re doing-read, watch, or browse with all the benefits of a bigger screen. You will also be able to access your phone’s text messages, photos, and notifications straight from your PC. Next is Timeline support for Android and iOS. Timeline, as the name suggests, tracks the apps you use on your PC and gives you a visual summary of your recent activities. Microsoft brings this feature to Android via the update Microsoft Launcher, and iOS via Microsoft Edge. If you use the same apps on your phone and desktop, such as Skype or Outlook, you will see the activities on both devices. source: Microsoft
  8. Two of the country’s largest fast food chains, Wendy’s Philippines, and Jollibee were ordered by the National Privacy Commission (NPC) to take actions against data breach. In a report by ABS-CBN, Wendy’s Philippines suffered a breach on its website on April 23. On April 26, the fast-food chain notified the commission that its website was infiltrated and that personal data has been exfiltrated, which could include the subject’s name, email address, contact number, and address. The NPC issued an order on May 2, asking Wenphil Corporation to notify its users of the data breach; provide a copy of the server logs, network logs, and traffic logs of its website prior to the breach; and conduct a new Privacy Impact Assessment. In a report by the Manila Bulletin, Jollibee encountered a similar issue after the initial investigation showed attempts of a data breach. The NPC is coming out with a comprehensive order asking Jollibee to implement an immediate corrective measure either today or by tomorrow. The National Privacy Commission is the country’s privacy watchdog; an independent body mandated to administer and implement the Data Privacy Act of 2012 and to monitor and ensure compliance of the country with international standards set for data protection. source: ABS-CBN and Manila Bulletin
  9. The Carter Effect https://oload.win/f/aq2LVleX3NU
  10. The Titan (2018) BluRay 720p Direct download http://www.mediafire.com/file/y77f75r1xwg77g6/THETITANBD72.Ganool.ac.rar
  11. A bug stored Twitter passwords in plain text so change your password 0 SHARES Twitter, the social network, and online news giant is sending notifications to each and every registered user (336 million in total) urging them to change their account password. This is because a bug in its system saved user passwords on an unprotected internal log in plain text format. Although the bug has been fixed and there is no indication of a breach or misuse of passwords the company is sending emails and displaying popups to every user upon signing in to their account explaining what happened and why it is a good idea that they should change their account password without further delay. “As a precaution, consider changing your password on all services where you’ve used this password,” said the company in a tweet. Notification displayed by Twitter Twitter did not mention exactly how many passwords were stored in the log, how long the bug existed or how did it convert encrypted passwords into plain text. However, the company has apologized for the inconvenience. In a tweet, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey said that “we believe it’s important for us to be open about this internal defect.” In a tweet, Twitter CTO Parag Agrawal said that “We are sharing this information to help people make an informed decision about their account security. We didn’t have to, but believe it’s the right thing to do.” This is not the first time that Twitter has urged users to change their passwords. In 2016, the company triggered a warning asking users to immediately change their passwords after a hacker was found selling 33 million Twitter logins on Dark Web with clear-text passwords. Moreover, just yesterday, it was reported that Twitter sold advertisements to scammers who ran campaigns to spread phishing scams in the name of “Twitter blue verification badge.” If you are on Twitter change your password right now and also change the password for other sites if you were using the same password. Stay safe online. Credit: Report from HackRead official website
  12. Rated X: A Journey Through Porn This is the story of director Dag Yngvesson's journey to find out about the porn industry which had fascinated him ever since he saw his first movie as a teenager. The quest to find out what the business was like begins when he realizes that he was living only 10 miles from the industries center in the San Fernando Valley in California. Not knowing what to do or where to start he calls up William Margold who had starred in the first film he saw (he found his name in the phone book and just called him). Margold, still in the business (having begun in 1969 and continuing on in one form or another) invites Dag over, and it isn't long before Dag is going down the rabbit hole into the middle of the world of adult films. https://youtu.be/1IRSuCPWz7s
  13. The Lightbringers The Emissaries of Jahbulon The Emissaries of Jahbulon is a one hour long documentary about the freemasons, or more specifically an offshoot of the freemasons called The Illuminati which were created officially ‘disbanded’ in the 17th century. https://youtu.be/xjL9JGc1X7k?t=6
  14. Deadpool Shares a Letter He Got From Tony Stark About Joining the Avengers When you're a foul-mouthed meta-superhero, it's tough to get a leg up in the PG-13 world of The Avengers, but that's not about to stop Deadpool. The Merc with a Mouth is a mere two-plus weeks away from the release of Deadpool 2, but he took time out of his busy schedule to congratulate the folks over at the Marvel Cinematic Universe on their recent record-breaking success with Avengers: Infinity War. However, since Deadpool's never encountered anything he couldn't take the piss out of with a withering comment, Ryan Reynolds posted this letter that Deadpool received from Tony Stark in regard to his attempt to join The Avengers. It's pretty damn funny, and is 100% in line with the character's entire persona. Deadpool 2 likely isn't going to be a record-breaking flick like Infinity War, but I can guarantee it'll be a much more fun time at the movies. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed Infinity War, and I admire Marvel's perceived ballsiness in the film's third act, but I have no interest in seeing it again anytime soon. DP2, on the other hand, feels like it'll only benefit from repeat viewings. We'll all find out when Deadpool returns to theaters on May 18.
  15. In their F8 2018 conference, Facebook has also announced their plans to build a Clear History feature that will give users more information and control over the data Facebook receives from other websites and apps that use their services. The Clear History feature will enable users the ability to see the websites and apps that send Facebook information when you use them, delete this information from your account, and turn off Facebook’s ability to store it associated with your account. By clearing your history, Facebook will remove identifying information so a history of the websites and apps you’ve used won’t be associated with your account. Facebook will still provide apps and websites with aggregated analytics but without storing the information in a way that’s associated with your account. Facebook maintains that they do not tell advertisers who you are. Facebook’s Clear History feature is still in the works as the company will work with privacy advocates, academics, policymakers and regulators to get their input on their approach. Credit goes to Yugatech