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  1. In basketball who do you think is the G.O.A.T? Jordan? Kobe? Or perhaps James?
  2. LTO driver’s license, vehicle renewal appointments now available online The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has launched an online appointment system to accommodate schedules for driver’s license and motor vehicle registration renewal. Simply called the Online Personal Appointment and Scheduling System (Online PASS), this rolls out as a service that is initially available in select LTO branches — Central Office, Pasig, Marikina, Novaliches, and Muntinlupa extension office — with more to be added in the future. There will be set dedicated lanes in those locations for more efficient processing. The LTO, however, clarified that unlike in the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA)’s passport appointment system, the said branches will still entertain walk-ins through normal processing through other lanes. To set an appointment for driver’s license or motor vehicle renewal, you may check on this link. You can also check on the status of your appointment after you register through the said website as well. This comes after the recent announcement of long-term solutions to the government agency’s woes including a dedicated plate-making facility deployment of LTO kiosks to accommodate the growing number of drivers, and enabling these to check on motor vehicle renewals instead of going through LTO’s evaluator windows. With reports from Manila Bulletin
  3. Venom (2018) 1080p HDRip Direct Download https://openload.co/f/OrKHj3x-JfU/VHDMC.part1.rar https://openload.co/f/Mk2E-t3JdLg/VHDMC.part2.rar
  4. Ban content from LUR Magazine to address growing concern by partner photographers, owners and concern members?
  5. Yahoo Messenger officially shuts down in July... After twenty years, Yahoo! has announced that it will shut down its Messenger app. In a statement published in its support section, the now Oath-owned company has disclosed that it will cease to operate all functionalities of its messenger services and any app will not work beginning July 17th. No specific reason has been mentioned, but one can attribute this to the rise of other messaging apps such as Facebook’s Messenger, Viber, and Twitter for new forms of communication. Users who still want to use Yahoo services are urged to sign up to the new Squirrel app, currently in beta. For those who want to download their chat history from Yahoo Messenger, they may proceed to the Downloader request site, sign in and verify, and download your files. Yahoo assures that despite the messenger shutdown, you can still use your ID for their other services such as Mail, Search, and Fantasy Sports. Credits: Yugatech
  6. I understand Sir Red and Sir Kraidazen. I get it, our dear Photogs should get professional courtesy and due respect for their hard work like any other profession. Not too much to ask and I am more than willing to comply. But for the sake of healthy discussion (for a better APS community), since these are unspoken rules and ethics all need to abide... If I may suggest, can we please include them on the list of "restrictions" i.e. "For LURMag content please limit post to maximum of 6 photos in respect to owner and photogrpher/s...". I just think not all are aware of such and to prevent future incident from recurring. It could also remove the animosity of "double standard" since we allow it in the past. Otherwise, I rest my case. Thanks and more power!
  7. Duly noted Sir Kraidazen, hope same notice shall be given to those members who previously share whole set of previous model from LUR and its not a double standard. Thanks!
  8. BRAWL, literally! DIrect Download https://mega.co.nz/#!GXwk2QpT!Yr_yZDzyfZioK3in3VcoA1vs2cD4mDCUFXj53XeV8WM https://mega.co.nz/#!mfpEmaTQ!8uSoGnKPFnSXUx01BlReatuClFWrX02ULXnHg0ypakk OR https://openload.co/f/zgg-6ifClqo/UFC229MC.part1.rar https://openload.co/f/07ZHuymQjkE/UFC229MC.part2.rar
  9. Ant-Man and the Wasp (HD) Direct Download https://mega.co.nz/#!vahVyYCZ!6HCqYB-X6XlzoGxRKcKRugfXAz1LbSPqbo-LMyumvdk OR https://openload.co/f/2rXn07A7rBI/AMW265MC.rar
  10. DIrect download... https://openload.co/f/SdUGq9dqLTs/SIBERAWEB72.Ganol.ru.rar
  11. Spoiler


    Attitude is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Optimism is a choice. Kindness is a choice. Giving is a choice. Respect is a choice. Whatever choice you make makes you. Choose wisely.
  12. Seems like famous porn website, Pornhub, wants in on the VPN action as they launch their own service dubbed VPNHub. Although, of course, we know why Pornhub opened such services. Especially, when pornography is one of the most banned or blocked content on the internet. The program has all that you’d expect in a VPN — privacy, safe browsing, and mock location. It’s free and unlimited but with the option to go premium. Here are the most notable features of VPNHub: Free and Unlimited Easy to Use Personal Data Protection Cross Platform Support (Available on iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS) Other than that, users can opt to go premium to unlock the following additional services: No ADS Faster Speeds 24/7 Support Option to select any country The app is now available for download on the mentioned platforms (links here: PlayStore, App Store, Windows, Mac). Credit goes to Yugatech...
  13. Skyscraper (2018) 720p Direct downlload https://openload.co/f/6uFgU-sL5sA/SHQSKYSPERWEB72.Ganol.st.rar
  14. Deadpool 2 (2018) The Super Duper Cut Direct download https://mega.co.nz/#!nGYx2Yra!gjR4fZtyhs6zLkg-wQVBriCG0jsYq4Bro0riF_r2mdY OR http://nitroflare.com/view/14A9906B0346674/DP2265MC.rar OR https://openload.co/f/IuDxRjZEU58/DP2265MC.rar
  15. Microsoft has announced new tools during their Microsoft Build 2018 Conference for seamless interaction between the user’s PC and mobile device. First up is the Your Phone application for Windows 10 which links your phone and Windows 10 PC. With the app, you can send web pages from your phone instantly to your PC and continue what you’re doing-read, watch, or browse with all the benefits of a bigger screen. You will also be able to access your phone’s text messages, photos, and notifications straight from your PC. Next is Timeline support for Android and iOS. Timeline, as the name suggests, tracks the apps you use on your PC and gives you a visual summary of your recent activities. Microsoft brings this feature to Android via the update Microsoft Launcher, and iOS via Microsoft Edge. If you use the same apps on your phone and desktop, such as Skype or Outlook, you will see the activities on both devices. source: Microsoft
  16. Facebook has announced that it will start to roll out new changes to its privacy shortcuts to provide better control in what could be shared within the social media site and the apps that could gather your data. Instead of having multiple screens to display your preferences, the company has made the setting easier to access with a single-screen design that shows all of the most important controls you’ll want to control, along with cleaning up outdated settings. In addition, a new Privacy shortcuts menu will also roll out that aim to identify three objectives: make your account more secure, control how third-party apps get your information, and how you can control the ads you see. There will also be tools to find, download, and delete your Facebook data should the need arises, and even copy them to another service. They will also roll out new Terms of Service and Data collection policies to ensure the safety of their users. “It’s also our responsibility to tell you how we collect and use your data in language that’s detailed, but also easy to understand. In the coming weeks, we’ll be proposing updates to Facebook’s terms of service that include our commitments to people. We’ll also update our data policy to better spell out what data we collect and how we use it. These updates are about transparency – not about gaining new rights to collect, use, or share data.” Facebook mentioned in their blog post. The social media giant has faced tremendous criticism over the past few weeks in the US and UK for data collection issues — more than 50 million accounts and their information were mined by third-party company Cambridge Analytica over loopholes in the Facebook terms of service and data privacy collection policies and were apparently used to provide insights and influence then-US Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s online campaign in 2016. Source: Facebook Credit goes to Yugatech...
  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gO9vHVUFiwY
  18. Sir @beantong14read rule please bawal po yan... 17. “Bumping” (i.e., posting a reply just to get your post high up in the list) of threads back to the top to elicit a response is disallowed. Where this occurs your post will be deleted.
  19. Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind (2018) Storyline: An intimate look into the life and work of the revered master comedian and actor, Robin Williams. Direct Download http://nitroflare.com/view/EAEF4D71F1595CE/RWIMMwdlMC.rar OR https://openload.co/f/YTvB8YKKNsQ/RWIMMwdlMC.rar
  20. Basketball M Prelims: Kazakhstan vs Philippines | 2018 Asian Games https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gL-jcnPWvU
  21. Atras Abante - Hush feat. Don Pao (Official Music Video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yS20HiAbt_M - CTO -
  22. The Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) will start to charge clients for over-the-counter withdrawals and inter-regional deposits to align with industry practice. Under the new scheme, BPI and BPI Family Savings Bank clients will now be charged Php100 for over-the-counter withdrawal transactions made from ATM accounts and inter-regional Passbook accounts. The new advisory also charges a Php50 fee for inter-regional deposits. BPI defines inter-regional as transacting from a bank situated in a region different from your home branch. For example, you will be charged Php50 for depositing to your account based in Makati (NCR) from San Mateo, Rizal (Region 4-A). The following are the transactions/services with their corresponding fees: Cash Deposit – through the branch Branch of account – Free Metro Manila – Free Intra-Region – Free Inter-Region – Php50 per deposit Cash Withdrawal – through any branch ATM Account Withdrawal amount below/above ATM limit – Php100 per withdrawal Passbook Account cash Withdrawal Branch of Account – Free Metro Manila – Free Intra-Region – Free Inter-Region – Php100 per withdrawal Check Encashment Branch of Account – Free Metro Manila – Php100 per check Intra-Region – Php100 per check Inter-Region – Php100 per check Foreign Currency Cash Deposit USD – P0.10 per USD1 or a fraction thereof Third Currency – P0.10 per USD1 equivalent or a fraction thereof Checkbook Personal – Php250 Corporate – Php500 Manager’s Check – Php75 Demand Draft – Php550 Bank Certification – Php200 Statement of Account Printing -Php50 per page Safety Deposit Box rental – Php2,000-Php6,000 per year (varies on box size) Transactions made on your home branch or any branch in the region where it is located (intra-region) will still be free of charge. These updates to BPI’s fees take effect on September 1, 2018. For more info, visit https://www.bpiexpressonline.com/cms/page/18053/advisory-on-bank-fees-bpi Source: BPI Read more at https://www.yugatech.com/news/bpi-to-start-charging-for-over-the-counter-withdrawals-inter-regional-deposits/#WH8liPztRjvzhDyd.99
  23. MAU - Shanti Dope Feat. PutapettyWap Dami kong tawa nung marealize ko bakit MAU title. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MyiGv11I5I8
  24. M aitim A ng U tong Ahahahaha