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  1. What a tragedy RIP
  2. Whoa! Negan will be played by the same guy who played john winchester from the supernatural series
  3. Iron man! Hahahaha pero wish spidey would appear and not sa trailer. Look at how batman vs superman spoiled the good parts of the movie. Nilabas si doomsday
  4. Magulo yung 3rd season actually di ko nga natapos.
  5. Naiwan ko sa pinas bro lol
  6. Finally after a long long wait they came out with it the cheerleader save the world what do you guys about it?
  7. Rigodon bro parang meron nun sa youtube. May isa nag upload ng puro indie films kaso nahalo ng mga gay indie films lol yung pang manyak na title pero m2m :/ much worse than horror movies
  8. Sayang i had lanyards from my old work place yung ginamit sa sochi, beijing and ahm isa pang olympic events
  9. Best way to go down on a girl? I did this growing up. Trying eating a cup of pudding or yogurt with no spoon they will go nuts
  10. Arabianmamba69 Half arab Kobe fan Bday LOL
  11. Salamat mga masters try ko best ko mag hukay dito kso medyo recon mode ksi lam mo na dami monitored sites dito sa uae lol
  12. Has anyone seen fear the walking dead episode 1?
  13. I got to watch it sa premiere dati kso its not the type of movie u wanna watch sa cine *puro orgy scenes tpos lamig pa ng sinehan hahahaha* kso the story wasnt that great though
  14. Hi guys, new here. hope to share and trade treasures in this forum as well as learn new stuff. thanks
  15. After sales agent in ferrari, maserati, Ford and jaguar middle east