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  1. Who will emerged as 2016 NBA CHAMPION? -Too early to tell. The GSW might repeat barring injuries. The Spurs and the Cavs might have something to say about that. Will Lebron James be able to carry Cavs to the championship this season? -Alone? No, we saw what happened last season. As a team? yeah. Will Stephen Curry and the GSW go back to back? -Quite possibly. Hes playing out of his mind right now. Will Kevin Durant be Able to finally earn his title after an injured season? -What title? 2nd best in the NBA? lol Will the San Antoinio Spurs go with their 6th championship upon the arrival of Aldrigde while Kawkhi takes it over from Old Tim and Manu? - Last ride perhaps for Manu and Timmy. Will Wiggins continue to rise as the Timberwolves got 3 # 1 draft picks on their team? -Hell continue to develop, but its not yet his hear or Is it the final season of the Black Mamba? -He has lost his step, a major step. What separates him from most is his explosiveness. barring that, hes just a regular NBA player now And who will be the Season's MVP for this year? -Curry if he keeps it up. Lebron and Westbrook are front runners too. This will be the 2015-2016 NBA Season Discussion Thread Place your bets guys (opinion) and will your team be able to covet the Larry O' Brien Trophy? - Indiana Pacers or the Hornets, cause im not a bandwagon fan
  2. newbie, hope to contribute sa VIP soon