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  1. Is there anyone here who makes knives? Kung meron, what are your terms and how much?
  2. Nasa limelight na naman ang extrajudicial killings, what are your thoughts and comments? What do you think are the pros and cons?
  3. Subjective masyado ang karamihan sa mga Pilipino when it comes to Marcos. He did both good and bad, but he was a good leader. Pero, 'yung transition of power is hindi nya nagawa ng maayos, kaya nagka-gulo. I was not born during those times, pero his regime was much better than Cory's regime, in terms of order and economy. As for Pnoy, he did contribute to the Philippines, but from what I understand is napilitan lang siya maging presidente, dahil sa mga "pagari" nya. Kaya he really did not have the political will to perform what a president should really do.
  4. Mga Bro, what physical conditioning exercise do you follow? Do you follow a strict program or have made a program that fits your goal? Any thoughts on this one.
  5. Mga Bro, did Jame's Hetfield really earned his PhD in astrophysics?
  6. The Mechanic was nice
  7. Duterte is an as*hole, but his got the credentials and the track record to prove the as*holes can do something..
  8. Pwede pa-share ng thoughts? My opinion is that Marcos is not the best President the RP had, but He did accomplish several feats. It's hard to compare, because as time changes iba-iba na yung situation, yung parameters para sa comparison ay pa.bago-bago din. Even if Marcos was ressurected today and be the president again, he would have a very difficult time in managing the country today due to complications that the tide of history has brought upon our country.
  9. Pharmacist by profession, but currently a medstudent..
  10. Newbie here,I hope to contribute to this site..