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  1. What's your opinion about it? I think Khabib's action were justified. What transpired was Dana White's fault for tolerating Conor's unruly behavior. It's just unfair that Khabib's purse was not released after the brawl, while Conor got his, and Khabib is now being depicted as the bad guy. Politics na din ang ufc
  2. Counterstrike 1.3. (It has to be 1.3)
  3. I'm not sure if this is off topic, but how do you determine the resale value of your used laptop?
  4. Nowadays you just need to keep your phone away from you and stop scrolling through social media
  5. Jazzrock
  6. Mga sir, there are times na hindi ko makita ang content ng mga search ko, informing that i should have more than 10 posts. But i have a little more than 10 though
  7. Medyo confused pa ako sa new interface. Kaya lang napansin ko biglang nawala yung access ko sa nsfw and pinay celebs. Nag change din ba restrictions dito?
  8. Hindi satisfying. Parang masyadong rushed at kulang pag build up ng story
  9. How about cayetano?
  10. Lol sa fab four. Si Gordon number 1. Aside from that, hindi ko na alam sino pa mga tatakbong sendaor. I need to be more aware of the senatoriables
  11. Thanks for your input sir. They have their strengths and weaknesses. I believe digong has the capacity to do that too. It's just that he is really portrayed differently by the media. I maybe biased in favor of him because i live here in Davao and i really enjoy what i'm experiencing here right now
  12. Codmwc-call of duty modern warfare. Got hooked with this game for a while and started using it as a username
  13. I prefer the opposite president- duterte, vp-miriam. While i would root for miriam if digong wont run, I'm wondering though bakit di masyadong lumalabas at exposed si miriam sa campaigns. Baka her health still plags a big factor on this even if she claims she's well
  14. Duterte. He might not be the best moral role model but he inspires change