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  1. Love Death & Robots ❤️

  2. Better than CoCo

  3. @sioMILOngganisa Ah puta parang last work mo lang hahahaha

  4. Bitch

  5. 4 days vacation mathafuckaaaaaas

  6. tangina Lakers pag season, GSW kapag playoffs. Balimbing ka.

  7. Shit!

  8. RT @SalomeSalvi: mahihirapan ka talaga maghanap ng jowa in this economy. we are overworked, underpaid, and forced to live in emotional isol…

  9. It’s been almost a year since I played Witcher 3, and probably the best RPG game of all time.

  10. RT @NBA: Join us in wishing @KingJames of the @Lakers a HAPPY 34th BIRTHDAY! #NBABDAY #LakeShow

  11. Mas meme page pa Facebook ko kesa 9gag

  12. Di ko alam kung sino mas maarte, si Drake o Kanye West?

  13. ???

  14. RT @iIovehentai: NO I DID NOT......

  15. Bruh Hitchcock and Scully is the GOAT of the NineNine