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  1. Castlevania Symphony of the night Crash Bandicoot Siphon Philter All Tenchu All Metal Gear All Dino Crisis All Tekken CTR All Resident Evil Lastly All FF series hehe
  2. I've been hearing stories from friends about this guy before but I don't know if those were also true. Better to keep my mouth shut. Where there is smoke, there is fire.
  3. johnny had a gun try that my friend, it will freaking eat you psychologically... others were already mentioned except this one I think so go try it out The Shining, Rosemary's baby and the ring are some pretty dope horror films as well...
  4. McGregor is great but Mayweather is Way better (y)
  5. #TMT in here sir all right hehe
  6. Kanye has some dope stuff, I mean real good sh*t... But Jay-Z is waaaaaayyyyyy more better than Kanye when it comes to Rapping itself, Jay-Z is way more talented and a real rap artist way back in the early 90's a Master of freestyle
  7. Mine are... Tupac Shakur Notorious BIG Eminem Erik B and Rakim NAS Immortal Technique Bone Thugs N Harmony Slick Rick Mobb Deep Wu tang Clan Naughty By Nature Jay Z N.W.A. Kendrick Lamar Drake Now all these fellas can drop shit!!! Specially RAKIM!!! He is the one that really put up the bars when it comes to rapping skills!!!
  8. hope I can contribute good stuff here have a great day ahead guys I'll try my best.