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  1. FUBG>PUBG! Just kidding guys! As a Fortnite player, you might want to check out the F2P mode to be released in a few days. I personally don't think it's as good as PUBG but its free and it has a lot of the same elements of PUBG. What do you think of the latest controversy surrounding these two games btw?
  2. So Dave Chappelle returned to TV via Netflix and has 2 episodes for a planned 1 season show this year. Was watching the first episode and has anyone else noticed he seems to playing safe? Or maybe finding his footing among millennials? He's still funny, but idk something seems off for some reason. Hoping there are other stand up comedy fans in our forum!
  3. Thank you, gentlemen! Looking forward to seeing her reaction to these shows!
  4. Latest patch introduced a PUBG style of gameplay.
  5. I feel you bro. These FTP games have made spending IRL money for in game bonuses into an art form! I hate it, but admire it at the same time!
  6. Oooh! How did I ever miss this gem of a topic?! Though I've retrogamed every now and again, there was actually a gaming period of my life, maybe 2 years, that I spent ignoring the latest games and focused purely on NES/SEGA/SNES/PC classics. Replayed old gems, felt like I was young again, and best of all, was blown away by the fanbase support for emulation of older titles. Hell, I play Master of Orion 2 up to now, though I bought the legit version on Steam as part of the MOO 4 pre-order bonus. What blew my mind though was the dedication of the fanbases. Particularly a group that painstakingly fan-translated Front Mission 1. Front Mission 1 was never officially released in English. I think it took them about 6 years to do it, but in the end they were able to release a fully translated Front Mission 1. 99% seamless in its UI integration too! Super awesome! Paging boss @This_Is_The_End Anyway, the last emulator I used was PSX (I think it was called), that emulated the PS2. Used it to replay Persona 3. I was using an older rig so it was stable enough to play but not as smooth as playing on an actual PS2. Best retrogaming titles I've done over the years: 1. Master of Orion 2 2. Front Mission 1 (and other japanese RPGs that I can't even remember the names of. Though the fan translations weren't finished back then. ) 3. Star Control 2 4. FF1 to 6 5. Earthbound
  7. I've never played Overwatch, and not interested in playing it, but I have to admit, the memes and animated shorts are quite nice to watch. Have you guys seen the recently released Mei one?
  8. Ooh, that's right. Damn, can't believe I forgot about Pearl Jam! And agree on Fiona Apple too. I really liked her first album anyway. What do you guys think about Daft Punk or other EDM shows? I've never been, but I hear the light shows are fantastic!
  9. I ended up with the same conclusion lmao. Ended up joining the bandwagon and going Fortuner.
  10. I agree with what everyone else has said and if I may add: I know this won't help much but try looking at collectibles that at least have some resale value. It adds to the spice, making sure your collection is kept in mint condition, price checking to see how your collection is doing, participating in online auctions, etc etc. This way, even if you lose interest you can always sell your collection.
  11. Lmao, just realized we are giving everyone here a hint of our age buahaha!
  12. Nice choices boss End! Very varied choices, and I agree with some of them! What abour Aerosmith or RHCP?
  13. Hahaha I agree! Grabe, you're into the heaviest of metal pala boss Gory! Nice choice!
  14. My 6 year old niece recently got into Supergirl and we made it our bonding time. I liked it as it is very kid friendly and not too dark or mature a series for a 6 year old to watch. Would anyone recommend other Superhero-themed kid friendly TV series?
  15. I once read that it is actually cheaper to fly to Singapore, watch your favorite band, book a hotel, then fly back, than to buy an extremely overpriced concert ticket here. Regardless if true or not, it got me thinking: What artist/group/band would you go to another country just to watch? Sadly, I missed the asian leg of the Foo Fighters tour, but if they did it again, I would be booking a ticket already.