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  1. Napaka unstable na maginvest sa cryptocurrency dahil pabago bago high stocks and low stocks. And please, huwag gagamitin ang SAVINGS for investment, kayo rin ang magsisisi niyan.
  2. Kung mawawala ang facebook, sana i wipeout nila lahat ng mga private information nung lahat ng users kasi malaki ang tsansa na gamitin ng mga masasamang tao na namemeke ng ID para gumawa ng krimen
  3. Hindi mo naman masisisi kung magiging full digital sila dahil karamihan ng mga photos ng mga models na gusto mong hanapin e madali mong mahanap sa internet. Kaya lang maganda parin ang silbi ng hard copy for archiving and collecting purposes. Kala ko tuloy magsasara na sila.
  4. Three Kingdoms (2010) TV series. It's basically Romance of the Three Kingdoms but it's got one of the set of characters and lots of action, drama, romance, and strategies. It's 95 episodes I believe and 43 minutes length time per episode. It's quite violent if you are looking for that.
  5. Well for anime enthusiasts, torrent is the way to go to get high quality videos. If you want to support the anime industry, buy the BDs, and merchs. That's really it.
  6. Reckless as he may be on saying words, I at least could see he has guts to persevere his beliefs to fruition.
  7. I'm kinda new for this website so kung kukuha ako ng link baka gamitin ko ang rappler. I don't trust mainstream media anymore so I'm cautious when it comes to that.
  8. I'm gonna wait for a whole to make a complete opinion on him. He may not know how hard the responsibilities of being a President. Just imagine a lot of paperworks everyday.
  9. That's Re;Zero you are talking about. Re;Zero is made by White Fox and it is confirmed to be 2 cour show (24-26 episodes). ReLIFE on the other hand is made by TMS and it is going to air next season (around July). You must have mixed up the two series. Here are the links to decrease your confusion. Re;Zero -- ReLIFE --
  10. Resident evil 4. It is my most replayable game that I ever done for 10 years and it still holds to this day. The amount of customization is fun
  11. ReLife. Meron siyang anime na ipapalabas next season. Siguro mga 12-13 episodes per usual.
  12. So OP, is our go-to source for news and articles?
  13. It really depends on the director's vision of the remaked cartoons. It's kinda flimsy, sometime it can work but mostly no because of the nostalgia built around and you may need to meet their expectations. Well that is my opinion though. Oh yeah, please don't watch the new PPG reboot, it's horrible.
  14. If you want to see when is your airing anime to be aired, use this website to see if your anime show has already aired. Subs can be out between 1-5 hours after airing unless there are announced delays. You can use (proxy is recommended if you are outside US) to stream anime at legal site. There is also for other anime that are not listed on crunchyroll. Most 12 episode shows usually aired during midnight time.
  15. Ngayon ko lang nakita tong welcome area dahil ignorante ako. Ang username ko ay galing sa tatlong initials ng pangalan ko tapos yung mga numero ay pandagdag lang para magkasya pag gumagawa ako ng account name. Obviously lurker ako dahil nasanay sa isang certain imageboard na yun ang rule before posting. Best regards.