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  1. Gago niloloko ka o @leogulaypa https://t.co/TmGS1WUffz

  2. @leogulaypa Eh kung nagsisiege ka ngayon tang ina ka

  3. That escalated quickly https://t.co/wB08sEg7KR

  4. RT @Rainbow6Game: @KingGeorge That's one hell of a @MattAndrewsTV cosplay you got there! (Congrats)

  5. you keep me hanging on

  6. I might actually buy a DC Universe account...

  7. @KiXSTArTV is the only reason i grew a ponytail

  8. @2KSupport why is it taking forever to find a teammate in rec center??? Ps4. This was since last night. Can't get a game in damn

  9. So cute!!! https://t.co/MtXYustLOT

  10. *facebook* hide all from OMG app. You're welcome

  11. OH YEAH BABY @janavergz https://t.co/vGEMi0G66g

  12. RT @AdmiralBulldog: @DOTApeach @DOTApeach

  13. @janavergz https://t.co/9SYn9ISFDc