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  1. Fancy oop to self lay up #PS4share https://t.co/uRGnbb5MUA

  2. RT @InterroTalks: @KingGeorge Wow, good on you for using your platform to promote environmentalism. I didn't know you had a social conscien…

  3. RT @wojespn: Free agent Kemba Walker has agreed to sign a four-year, $141M maximum contract to join the Boston Celtics, Excel Sports agent…

  4. @UbisoftSupport my game glitched out when I bought the pro league sets. It doesn't show operators + icons when pick… https://t.co/ueD58dZeke

  5. RT @wojespn: Here we go. https://t.co/FPXZBUgyMK

  6. @crisjyap Paleybok pota

  7. GOTEM!! #2EZ4RTZ https://t.co/0WCFtyB2Fu

  8. I know where I'll be

  9. RT @Rainbow6Game: Team Rainbow...Assemble. Art by https://t.co/FIXdyaprbq: https://t.co/PFUg9YbyZK https://t.co/TBxDXYLXGY

  10. Bugbog na bugbog na ko sa GoT spoilers jusko

  11. No spoilers JFC maawa kayo s3 pa lang ako

  12. Gago niloloko ka o @leogulaypa https://t.co/TmGS1WUffz

  13. @leogulaypa Eh kung nagsisiege ka ngayon tang ina ka

  14. That escalated quickly https://t.co/wB08sEg7KR