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  1. Old Town Road - Lil Nas X ft. Billy Ray Cyrus
  2. Bad Guy - Billie Eilish
  3. You can PM any admin or Supreme Mods for that matter. Maybe those files were already existing in the "Other Side". In order for you to have access "there" have to acquire a "Contributor" Rank. Otherwise, there's no other way you can post those files in there. Try posting it on the NSFW section. We will just delete them if deemed unsuitable. If not then the post remains. Thanks
  4. Welcome to APS Forum Sir @TobiUchiha . Stay active and contribute! For Forum Rules & Regulations please check this link ... http://www.allpinoys...-of-this-forum/ For Forum posting tips & additional info please check this link ... Enjoy your stay here at APS Forum!
  5. Welcome to APS Forum Sir @Zeronori! Don't forget to click this link ... For you to understand how this Forum works. As for your active and contribute on the threads visible to you as of now. Eventually some threads will pop up when you log in the next time Enjoy your stay and be active!
  6. Partida... hindi pa nagpapalit ng pantalon yan huh! hehe. Keep it up @carlo1225
  7. Shallow - Lady Gaga
  8. Oh my ... this is a very broad topic. Mine will be... (in no particular order) Michael Jackson Harem Scarem Jim Croce Sungha Jung Joan Baez The Goo Goo Dolls G3 Enya Sergio Mendez Jimi Hendrix
  9. Simply put... "Genre" per se was characterized by similarities in form, style and subject matter. I repeat... Under OPM lies the the different genres like Tunog Kalye, Pinoy Rock, RnB, Ballad and other forms that Filipino Artists made.
  10. Nawa'y maging gabay ito sa inyo sa pagdating ng Bagong Taon. Wahahaha
  11. Bati na kami Boss @KabukiWarrior. Nag Merry Christmas na nga ako eh. hehe
  12. I'll just give you a quick rundown of what your posts were and their corresponding violations: Requests were to be posted here: Now this is really offensive for members as you were trying to insinuate that APS was holding back the posts when months ago we announced that LURMAG posts of Sir Ely Fausto were on the takedown list. Third post and still... Oh geez nevermind! Am not gonna include your 4th post because that is the part wherein you mocked a Moderator. Let me remind you Sir that as Mods we are the And mocking me violates Forum Rule # 6. Don't ever argue with Moderators/Administrators. Regardless of your point of argument, Moderators/Administrators have the final say and you may find yourself banned unnecessarily. If you feel that you have to raise an issue to us, you have to say it politely and in a nice way. There's no power tripping in my part Sir. I'm afraid that it's you who failed to understand. And please don't correct me with my grammar... I have 167 I.Q. at my disposal. Merry Christmas Sir and please do acquaint yourself with APS Forum Rules.
  13. Aren't these repetitive posts of "your" sentiment a form of disrespect??? Please Sir... do not provoke the staff. Or your 67 posts and 222 reputation votes will go down the drain. 2 Admins had already given their respective comments. Don't try to sweet talk us to bend the rules just for your sake. APS will always be a "SHARING" site but in accordance with it's existing Rules and Policies. Understand???
  14. Sir @Weinhart parang hindi mo yata naintindihan yung tip ni Boss @REDivivus.WRAITH ah. He said send a PM to the concerned individual... not post a comment to request for one. Please click this link... And try to understand it word for word for you to know how APS Forum works. I won't delete your post to serve as an example for members to read the staff's comments very carefully and understand it's contents. F.Y.I. Thanks.