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  1. @DirekChrisM Ardrich naman para true to life

  2. @dawende Magaling palang mamumo si mar nalulusutan eh

  3. @CarmenC62436243 @HuntresJan @skarner02 @mainedcm May video yan lol panuorin mo para di ka puro edited

  4. @iMthinkingPinoy Kalakas ng ulan dito tarlac..

  5. @michelle_dy @kimpoyfeliciano Bagay

  6. RT @interactive_bee: Last year june, she was saved from a broken toilet where she was thrown away and has been on treatment. Right now, she…

  7. Play Zynga Poker with Me! Download the mobile app and enter my referral code 97KTOD4 to enjoy special rewards.

  8. @cam011318 @gypsygirl0504 @ilda_talk @camanpour @mariaressa @UNESCO @pressfreedom you expect the 23% and 21% are stll LP supporters?

  9. RT @iMthinkingPinoy: MAKABAYAN BLOC DEMONSTRATES HUMANITY'S UNLIMITED CAPACITY FOR STUPIDITY Einstein once said, "Only two things are infi…

  10. @faith_Godslove @tinadl @aldenrichards02 @mainedcm Exclusively dating si maine and arjo. Si alden single focus sa work siguro

  11. @cjcrzdj @PauSepagan I. 8

  12. @immigrationPH @tonythesharky kung ganyan ugali ng isang foreigner sa mismong immigration officer pa ha .. i think…

  13. @MalacasRachel @mainedcm Bakit may pipiliin dalawa ba sila nanliligaw kay maine

  14. RT @MikeInCambodia: I sat next to Catriona Gray’s parents, and this was their reaction when their daughter, Miss Philippines, won Miss Univ…

  15. @PauSepagan may balak ka bang ligawan si rojean? Ligawan mo na baka ma friendzoned kapa eeh