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  1. @JonasNader hey! who would you choose between jeremy lamb and josh jackson?

  2. you might also need a tripod
  3. i'm a fan. i've seen it a couple of times also. although the quality of their jokes some what slowed down during the latter seasons compared to the first few seasons. one of the heartbreaking scenes was when marshall's father died. the monologue at the end where ted tells his kids how he loved their mother was heartfelt. it was too bad they killed her, and made him end up with robin (which was predictable). the alternate ending was the better ending though
  4. i'm not too excited anymore. it feels like the show has somewhat lost it's mojo compared to season 1. although, i'd still watch the show probably. same goes for legends of tomorrow
  5. i'm not in favor of a double import conference. Although it could level up the competition, i think it hinders the growth of our local players
  6. thanks for the info sir dhiesenphi. the camera will be more for personal use. just a quick question, do you use the viewfinder or the screen when taking photos? maybe there's a co-relation regarding the overheating when you use one of the 2.
  7. i do 1 set circuit of the following excercises for 3-4 days a week: 1. 10-15 reps burpees 2. 40 squats (or as much as you can) 3. 30-40 push ups (or as much as you can) 4. 40 mountain climbers (or as much as you can) 5. 1min plank (or more) 6. 1min reverse plank (or more) then play basketball atleast once a week
  8. i also have a canon 500D and i'm planning on switching to the sony a6000. can i just ask what were those expectations that the a6000 didn't meet? and is the overheating problem due to picture taking or video recording? many thanks!
  9. Who's excited for another NBA season? Preseason starts on Sept. 30, 2017 (Oct. 1 Manila Time), and the season kicks off on Oct. 17 (Oct. 18 Manila time). I'm very excited for the Philadelphia 76ers. They have a lot of young and promising talents, plus some key veteran additions during the offseason. If their players can stay healthy for the most of the season, I think they can make the playoffs this season. Some bold predictions for this season: 1. MVP - LeBron James - no Irving and no IT to start the season means Lebron will carry a lot of load this season 2. ROY - Lonzo Ball - Magic Johnson cleared the path for Ball to secure this trophy 3. DPOY - Rudy Gobert - i think he got robbed last year 4. Champion - Cleveland Cavaliers - this will always be the Warriors to lose with their lineup intact and healthy players, but i want the cavs to win
  10. i like the idea of having 2 all-filipino conferences and in one of those conference, they will feature Gilas as an additional team. They can even feature 2 Gilas teams and that team comprises of the current Chooks to Go lineup.
  11. i'm using sky broadband 25mbps at 1,899/month for almost a month now (mandaluyong). no issues so far aside from the wifi strength of the bundled modem, and the 3mbps limit on the upload (which is not a big issue for me). i was supposed to get converge but sadly there are no available slots for me, and pldt fibr is still not available. since, i don't want to wait for any of those 2, i ended up with sky.
  12. Fifty Shades Darker for me. With all the nudes scenes, I couldn't even afford to finish this movie while I was able to sit through the 1st sequel. The somewhat older ones are Tomb Raider movies, Jack and Jill, The Mummy 3, Magic Mike XXL, Fantastic Four (2015). DO NOT WATCH ANY OF THESE FILMS
  13. i also liked the dragon pit scene, and seeing cersei's unamused face upon witnessing those dragons while we saw a somewhat scared face when the wight approached her. for me, cersei stole the thunder from the night king as the biggest villain of the show come season 8. she just betrayed the north and jamie by taking back her word of them helping in fighting the white walkers (she got me fooled on that one too), and even attempting on killing jamie. tyrion's look upon seeing jon snow enter dany's chambers is a weird one. i'm not sure if he's jealous or he's concerned that they're getting at it. i think dany will be pregnant at the start of season 8
  14. for someone who doesn't follow the manga, this movie is watchable and entertaining. willem dafoe's voice as ryuk is spot on evil. couldn't say the same if you're a big fan of the manga because i heard they changed a lot of stuff.
  15. here is mine, in no particular order. 1. die hard 1,2,3,4 - for me, the die hard franchise ended with die hard 4 2. the rock - i agree with sir This_is_the_End with Con-air and this one being some of nicholas cage's better movies, but i'll go with the rock 3. the patriot - one of mel gibson's better movies. couldn't go with braveheart because it doesn't have any guns 4. john wick/chapter 2 - everyone should have already seen this 5. taken - can't top the original. the sequels was only there to milk the cow 6. fast and furious 4, 5, 6, 7 - guns, explosions, and cars 7. captain america: the winter soldier - one of the greatest espionage films ever 8. g.i. joe: the rise of cobra - this is one of those movies that almost every scene has an action scene 9. kick ass - i was so surprised how good this movie turned out and just forget about the sequel 10. the matrix - one of the best action sequences and the introduction of bullet time