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  1. @BrgyGinebraSMig Banat!

  2. @ABSCBNNews @mjfelipe Pwedeeee

  3. @BrgyGinebraSMig True!.. Support @GWillSlaughter there's always a room for improvement... Marami OFF nights si Greg… https://t.co/FP4yPYUiKB

  4. @OfficialGinebra To the person who will going to watch live game of BGSM VS NLEX in Batangas this Sunday : BRING P… https://t.co/d0dwnQlBJS

  5. RT @cnnphilippines: President Rodrigo Duterte warns incumbent Malabon City Mayor Lenlen Oreta to rid the city of drugs in a month or face a…

  6. @emmyrossum Will there be a season 10? Pleaseee???

  7. RT @manilacone: Back at it! Seems like a loooong time. #ynarezantipolo #NSD

  8. @magoomarjon sir! Televise po ba live yung PBA legends tomorrow? Thanks !!

  9. WHAT IF? https://t.co/M3nXVFxuBy

  10. @dbuzzketball Rodney or Lamberto?

  11. @jdv_38 Yeah.. Justin Brownlee deserves a rest, he played ALAB, CommCup and GovCup.. He's burned.. Also to you my man!! NSD!!

  12. @charddelrosario @coachot Mas gusto namin mga #NSD fans ang ganung laban coach, kesa naman nag Let go nalang..

  13. @djmotwister we were drinking on a beach and pulutan was adobo sa gata na pusit. My uncle suddenly puked on d shore… https://t.co/aEeetyoCTS

  14. @marcorral @pbaconnect You got one job!

  15. @cnnphilippines @xianneangel Anu sya? First timer?