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  1. Sir, ganda ng mga post mo kay Stephanie lazaro. San nyo po nakuha? Bumili po ba kayo ng official book niya? Kasi yung sa IG nya puro censored at ang hirap maghanap ng raw ones.

    1. StephanieFan


      mga sir san po pwede makita yun? Salamat!!

  2. I would still prefer a DSLR(full frame) May madaling gamitin lalo na sa mga area na low light since hindi na kelangan mag adjust ng photog where as sa mirrorless downside niya to.
  3. Ramen Daisho sa Shaw at Shnijuku ramen sa Makati Ave. Sa Subic ramen Sora... All authentic
  4. Umpisahan at ituloy mo yan... nakaka addict dito. hahaha
  5. condit is a tactician and lawler is a brawler...last man standing!
  6. At last month's rehearsal, four top athletes competed in two qualifying 400 metre races. As the results were expected to be mislaid, various notes were taken to ensure the accuracy of the overall placings: No-one finished both races in the same position. John beat Mr Donald in both races. Steve Curtail came third in the second race and Dave came last in the first race. In the second race, Mr Arnold won and Mr Bowler came last. In the first race, Steve beat Kev, but Kev beat John. Can you determine who finished where in each of the races?
  7. Correct answers are below: 1 The Match 2 Forth 3 0 4 2nd 5 3 6 Their baby 7 9 8 0 9 0 10 White
  8. In a darkroom and you have one match left, which do you light first, the newspaper, the candle or the lamp? Which word is the odd one out: First- Second- Third- Forth- Fifth- Sixth- Seventh- Eighth If a peacock can lay one egg on day 1, and lay two eggs on day 2; Logically how many eggs do you think the peacock can lay on day 3? In the final stretch of a marathon, you quickly ran by the person who is in second place, what place are you in? A grandfather, a father and two sons went hunting, everyone shot a duck, how many ducks did they bring home? Who's bigger? Mr. Bigger, Mrs. Bigger or their baby? A farmer has 17 sheep and all but 9 die. How many are left? How many of each kind of animal did Moses take on the ark? 3 birds sitting on a tree branch, a hunter shoots and miss, how many birds left on the tree branch? An Eskimo is looking out of his window at his home in Alaska. He saw a huge bear walking towards his house. What color is the bear? enjoy the rest of the holidays!!
  9. tama sir Kaizer. hahaha
  10. awoo awoo awooo... hahaha Sales Customer Support na rin...
  11. Tama po. My bad, supposedly sa north pole yung adventure. hehehe
  12. some are using tunnels. hahah but as long as my server off coast, pwede pa rin to.
  13. The man was having a S-Pole adventure a few years back with his friends and they encountered an accident. They were caved in, no food supply. But they needed sustenance desperately. They were originally four or five I think. One of them suggested that they tried to dig their way out. All of them agreed. So the 2 set out leaving the man and another man in the cottage. Days passed and the 3 did not come back. The other man volunteered to set off and look for the 2 friends that are missing. He came back alone but with some meat in hand. He said to the man that he could not find the others but found penguins instead. Both men starving they cooked the penguin meat and made penguin soup. The man and his friends were rescued days after. A few years after, the man is going home from work. He is adventurous that's why he takes the different road in going home. He sees an exotic restaurant. He decided to eat in the restaurant and orders for Penguin Soup. He takes a sip, pays for it, and leaves. When he gets home, he shoots himself. Now the puzzle is, WHY did he kill himself?
  14. its just so happens na lahat ng tao naka focus kay rousey as she is the current darling ng UFC. Holm is a newbie sa UFc kaya only few knows her skills and on what she is capable of. In terms of attitude, mula pa ung una, ganun na si Rousey and she backs it up. But as the saying goes "there's always better thatn you".