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  1. It is the audience. Kase ang pinanonood na ngayon ng mga tao e ang mga artista, hindi ang pelikula. Syempre, take advantage ang mga producers tubong lugaw na potential ng ganitong trend.
  2. Santiago may be the best option. She is not motivated by money anymore. Politics is her passion, her life, so she is the least person to be tempted by corruption. But she will not win just because she has little money for campaign compared to the shits out there in their glamorous commercials. So voting for her means voting for her means more chances of win for the shits. Duterte had my vote before. Really, i registered for absentee voting because of him but now, i am second thoughts on this guy. He has just so many baggages that cannot be overlooked so easily. Now i am confused as fuck. Deym!
  3. Hindi na namn to festival e. Kase wala na namn silang naiipakitang innovation sa paggwa ng pelikula. Puro mga sikat na artista na lang ang meron. Sinasamantala na lang nilang mga producers na kumita ng mas malaki since walang kakumpetensyang mga foreign movies