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  1. @ABSCBNNews @ANCALERTS The solutions are right in front of our faces. We can begin by stopping your mouth from defe… https://t.co/fByIRcViDb

  2. @ANCALERTS Sampalin ko po PDuts kapag makasalubong ko.

  3. @lenggendary @enjoyGLOBE Don't play ranked game with GLOBE. Mabibigo ka lang.

  4. @NLEXexpressways HM is projected toll rate?

  5. @ABSCBNNews @ANCALERTS @pia_gutierrez Pwede ko po bang sabihin in hyperbole na gusto ko pong saktan at nakawan si P… https://t.co/9va8JWgxvZ

  6. @MMDA @JoshKin Busy mga Blueboys sa paninicket kesa pagsasa-ayos ng daloy ng trapiko.

  7. Uninstall ko na ata Mobile Legends. Hindi man makapanalo ng Brawl Game sa sobrang bagal ng internet ni @enjoyGLOBE . #Lugi

  8. @NLEXexpressways @TRBph @DOTrPH Hi, NLEX. I just want to ask if there have been changes to policy on minimum load a… https://t.co/wOTVVzVC8h

  9. @rapplerdotcom @alexavillano https://t.co/Y7WSG1XxwP

  10. @rapplerdotcom Mukhang may masasaktan na namang alkalde...

  11. @rapplerdotcom Hindi natin kailangang maging nga sundalo para makatulong sa bayan. Kailangan lamang nating gawing t… https://t.co/l4n6ECbpnm

  12. @rapplerdotcom No pwede. We all know that most casual workers are only used as pawns by executives to enrich themse… https://t.co/IcsxYFFMWK

  13. @pierresandiego @MMDA Wala po ata, Sir. Las Pinas and Valenzuela na lang may window hours. The rest dulo-dulo na.

  14. @ANCALERTS You cannot weatherproof communities but you can engineer nature to reduce hazards and employ precipitation to aid residents.

  15. @ANCALERTS To which Death replied "Challenge accepted."