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  1. When i say "Be still, my heart" i meant "Be calm!" not flatline, you hunkering pumping thing! I really thought I would be a goner this week

  2. RT @BestMovieLine: A Beautiful Mind https://t.co/zGQLLStQI5

  3. RT @InigoAbellar: “I will end contractualization” -Duterte 2016 Fastforward to 2019 labor conditions are worsening yet he’s willing to pro…

  4. RT @zekespeakz: *Naka 99 sa Nonverbal Communication class *speechless*

  5. RT @JegoRagragio: Allowing our laws and processes to dictate our course of action with respect to Chinese citizens violating our laws *is*…

  6. RT @diegomags: Mas magaling pa si Miss Vietnam kaysa sa local news in recognizing cultural diversity in our country. H'Hen Niê said "Filipi…

  7. all i can say of course is AMEN and AUTRE NE VUEIL (I do not desire anyone but You -- but in Frankish hehehe)

  8. RT @aubjan: Mga MALALANSANG ISDA! https://t.co/8XYPQqzCAO

  9. @catrionaelisaaa Queen @catrionaelisaaa parequest naman po. Pashout out po ng isang birthday message po sakin ngayo… https://t.co/kI2UkVFNiQ

  10. ang smooth y'all https://t.co/ZlAT0kCQI6

  11. one person unfollowed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/ZaVzUDJQSw

  12. RT @YourLawyerSays: JUST IN: After a few seconds reading law books, @ArianaGrande now has more knowledge of the law than me who has spent y…

  13. RT @unclits: what if he stares at you, everytime you look away?

  14. "Beauty in things exist in the mind which contemplates them." -David Hume #throwback photo 1/20/2017 HK #canonM2… https://t.co/mYlV6tkkCZ