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  1. RT @boilingwatersph: Palayain mo yung sarili mo sa mga opinyon ng iba tungkol sayo. Learn from authentic feedbacks but stay focused on your…

  2. Hoy yung isang jacket ko, nalaglag lang sa JL wala na finish na agad agad

  3. RT @boilingwatersph: "Listen, my dear! Before getting mad, let him explain his side." Every story has its own side: Your side. His side. A…

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  5. RT @jaicabajar: "Blackpink is the revolution" -Katipuneros #rp612fic

  6. RT @aIonefeeIs: three things you will never regret doing after it’s done - traveling - working out - eating great food life gets better…

  7. RT @_gnobaD: Some of my activist friends working abroad say we have to accept the vote results & work with the govt instead of griping. Tol…

  8. 3 people followed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/ZaVzUDJQSw

  9. RT @piaranada: 'The President does not lie... He will not release any information that he has not validated,' says Panelo. I can immediatel…

  10. RT @aquarista25: Aquarius be like: what’s sleep?! https://t.co/SSDjiba6Yp

  11. RT @MyRizalPH: Please RT and ❤️. One #WokeLolo endorsing another. Mabuhay si Sec Albert Del Rosario, a real patriot! Mabuhay si #25ChelDiok…

  12. RT @VanSulitas: Dormer? Gusto magka-dorm? Napakaraming UP students na nakatira malayo sa UP at galing pa sa malalayong probinsya. Isa na a…

  13. RT @ramonbautista: @gmanews Tapos may foodpark sa Las Pinas bawal din Pilipino

  14. When i say "Be still, my heart" i meant "Be calm!" not flatline, you hunkering pumping thing! I really thought I would be a goner this week

  15. RT @BestMovieLine: A Beautiful Mind https://t.co/zGQLLStQI5