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  1. @Ellieyysza Salamat pinsan! Haha Autopass, busy ako dito sa Butong hehe

  2. Beautiful people

  3. 4-2 Bye Rockets!

  4. RT @pianist247: God knows you’re tired. God knows it’s difficult for you. But, you must also know that God would never put you in a situati…

  5. @Guhreys Uyyy naman! Kahit lagyan mo pa ng asin para mas masarap

  6. irisgoogoodolls.mp3

  7. @grenvilicious Siguro pre may reason kung bakit nangyayari to sa akin now hahahaha

  8. @Guhreys Nakapag Tagaytay naman kasama mga sanpidope ❤

  9. RT @inquirerdotnet: BREAKING: Henry Sy Sr passed away peacefully in his sleep early Saturday morning. Read more: h…

  10. RT @Russo_Brothers: For those who have been here since the beginning. For those who have joined along the way. For the best fans in the Un…

  11. RT @LightsCameraPod: Here's a side-by-side of 'The Lion King' trailer with the same scenes from the 1994 original movie. #TheLionKing https…

  12. RT @DudgiieeWatson: Math: 78 English: 81 Science: 79 Filipino: 76 VIDEOKE: 99