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  1. @jeffhornboxer But a pro cheater ha ha ha

  2. @nikardrgz @geliquesalarza Galaway gd ba haha

  3. RT @alyansyyyyyy: Is this AFAR? #CPALE

  4. @geliquesalarza Mood swings

  5. Strength in referee again

  6. RT @coachot: Bron to JR: “I done scored 50 & all you needed to do is know the score man”

  7. @geliquesalarza Yas bby ❤️

  8. @geliquesalarza Gamay abe ang space kagpinadali na by hahaha

  9. @geliquesalarza tikalon saimo

  10. @LBCexpress sent you a dm

  11. RT @wizkhalifa: I be high but I be low. That's the key.

  12. @LBCexpress madedeliver ba ung item ko ngayon? 179794813635