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  1. 2 Ball dominant guards, balita ko they are still trying to get Melo or PG13 pero both guards nasa top7 in usage rate sanay lagi may dalang bola add Melo who relies on iso scoring often. Kahit pa skilled isla at offensive genius si D'Antoni kung walang depnsa at gagawa mga little things like hustling or making the right plays it still wont be enough against a juggernaut team like GSW. I'll even take SAS sa isang series even with the addition of CP3.
  2. Grabe ang smooth ng execution ng Dragonrana ni Ospreay plus mas mahirap na springboard pa. Props sir @iggyb di ko narining na may part 2 pala tong laban nila. I'll check this match out.
  3. Adam Cole is heading to NXT? I know medyo late pero I just watched highlights ng match ni Okada vs K Omega sa WrestleKingdom 11. Salamat for opening my eyes more than what WWE & NXT is offering. Ibang iba yung match andun lahat.. storytelling within a match, amazing pacing on both wrestlers may mga big spots rin at yung hype at build up talagang sulit. Just continue the graet wrestling convo's here.
  4. Hey bro @This_Is_The_End been a lil busy ngayon lang may konting time. I must say the last few characters they added specially this version of Joker & Red Hood is a must cop. I love this version of Joker ayoko masyado cartoonisg mas ok sadistic and over the edge lang plus my 2 fav Robin is here Damien and Jason Todd is so much better as the anti-hero Red Hood just read the comics with The Outlaws. Sub-zero mehhh... I mean he looks wierd I know they need to put an MK character sa game but they could have put in another DC character. Starfire looks sexy! Mukhang character niya is like a version or Ermac from MK. As for Darkseid he is a straight up boss nga pala since we have seen all the special moves nila my top 3 is The Flash, SuperGirl, Darkseid. I can't wait to play this game.
  5. Whoa ganon na pala katanda Hardys. Jeff may not be the best pagdating sa mic but Matt certainly helps him in that department. Sa tingin nyo they would bring the Broken gimmick eventually sa WWE kapag yung tag team nila becomes a lil stale?? Nakamura vs Styles sa Summerslam sana. So Braun is getting a major push?
  6. Thanks for the update bro @This_Is_The_End I spoke too soon I got no complaints sa version nila ni Scarecrow specially with horror icon Robert Englund lending his voice even Bane's character gets a makeover. The characters just look amazing nevermind kung ano story this time the 1st one with Joker tricking Superman started great but ended poorly eto pure gameplay pa lang worth the money na.
  7. Nice list sir @r236762 I'm just not sold on Andrew Wiggins I mean he can be a multiple all star type player pero last 2 years I've seen plenty of games na he either lacks aggresiveness sa offense or defense tapos he dissapaers in big games rin lalo na kapag may stopper sa kabila sa wing. The other guys sa list I agree si Saric is very underrated he has been on a tear lately 76ers future looks bright lalo na they have Simmons playing next season and hopefully get a PG this year's draft na can score and hit outside shots.
  8. Thanks dito brother I just watched all the trailers na avail. I love yung Special Move ni Black Adam na he tosses his opponent sa sky then yells Shazam. Kinda wierd they would take Scarecrow pero I guess he will be in the Joker mold na character. I cant wait to try Damian Wayne naeexcite na ako dito sa game. Haha.
  9. Saw a link sa FB from a wrestling site na I'm following bro @roboratzinger. I guess kaya nalugi na tuluyan ROH at nagkakarumors na bibilhin na ni Vince.
  10. Ring of Honor has just been purchased by Vince McMahon. Mukhang mas lalo gaganda roster ng NXT!
  11. Brad Maddox should be the next inductee for the HOF. lol. Insert Del Rio's angry pic GIF. haha. Seriously pa PM video kung may link. Si Alexa Bliss rin meron? I saw HBK and Roman Reigns promo I have this bad feeling na WWE might just pull an upset by having him win against Taker.
  12. Hi APS Fam some wallpapers for your phone or tablet.
  13. I'm voting for Hardennas my 1st choice but I'm kinda torn between him & Kwahi the league plus voters value stats too much, triple dubs (I'm a big Westbrook fan don't get me wrong) but they don't pay attention sa defensive end iilan lang players may kakayahan to win a MVP award and defensive Player of the year on the same year as far as I remember si MJ at Hakeem lang nakagawa nun so kung you a real purist Kwahi has been on a tear as of late and he is making a serious case if he keeps this up and they catch up to GSW for the number 1 seed. Malaking factor ang team record sa MVP award.
  14. I hope both Dante & Vergil makes the cut sir @Boneo. I really enjoyed yung character nila dito sa MvsC Dante reminds me of Gambit sa Children of the Atom na game.
  15. Firestorms move list reminds me of Raiden. Hope Beastboy makes the cut rin I love using Shang Tsung sa MK so I always like a shapesifter in a MK game. It was a fun tour sa NetherRealm Studios kung anjan rin ako I would be as Hyped as Xavier Woods, Bailey looks out of place ansd Sasha is just Eye Candy.