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  1. @ohitsbelle_ Okay lang Anna. Sino ba naman ako. Okay lang.

  2. i wish i could caress your face everyday.

  3. @ohitsbelle_ Nagttweet ka about sa ibang tao. At nakakaselos dahil mas matimbang sila kaysa sakin.

  4. Walang kain-kain. Tiger black agad.

  5. I felt heaven and hell at the same day.

  6. @ohitsbelle_ Teka may ginagawa lang saglit.

  7. i hope you secretly care at me.

  8. It's only crazy until you do it.

  9. No more https://t.co/PHyKgZu6lR

  10. come and see me for once

  11. the last time i cried my younger sister is the first one that rushed at me, put my head on her chest and told me to… https://t.co/mRoOXkD70c

  12. nanay: kuya ano regalo mo sa birthday ko? me: apo, gusto mo? HAHAHAHAHAHA

  13. @gracejanelaurio The ave lang para malapit. Ikaw ba?