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  1. welcome to aps nicole!
  2. welcome bro
  3. kaya pla my nag invite sakin nito sir @Kaizer
  4. Gordon hayward to Beantown!
  5. bili kana ng lap top mo sir @vione and mag start kana mag share ng blessings hehe
  6. i'll go with.. 1. Charm dela cruz 2. lhea bernardino 3. Maica palo 4. Ann B. Mateo 5. everbody na! as in..
  7. welcome sir @Baesick!
  8. pics pwede sir. pero ang videos.. di ko sure..
  9. Did you know? Car accident.. bute nalang nakailag yung bata By bruno mars
  10. Hahaha dami ko tawa sir @noturextraordinaryguy!promise hahaha
  11. Interesting huh! Try ko to sir @noturextraordinaryguy,thanks! magiging busy nanaman sa panonood ng anime! Hahaha
  12. Hahaha mas trip ko sir @noturextraordinaryguy ung anime eh. Kaya itinigil ko yung pag babasa ng manga. 2017? Antagal pa pala, Nakakamiss si mikasa haha!Thank you for your advice sir @noturextraordinaryguy!
  13. "Attack on titan" for me! Its the best. But still waiting for another episode