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  1. RT @8bitfiction: Do your best and love well.

  2. @labyrinnth Tanginnuuh pwede naman mag inom pero pag sinabihan ka na chill na. Chill na wag na matigas ulo kasi Sir.

  3. @ralfdugan Naririnig ko yung reverb ‘wait for it’

  4. My Cat is extra clingy today... maybe he knows. :(

  5. @ashwete Joke lang walang spoiler dun. Hahaha

  6. @labyrinnth Pano naging spoiler yan???

  7. @ERR__404 Sa Rotonda sa tags magkakatabi yun. https://t.co/9khfNevdyL

  8. @makisarabia Typical origin movie ba?

  9. @mimibeeels https://t.co/HcYinVLwP9

  10. What Jutsu is this? https://t.co/SUzxepAxUZ

  11. @HHFlashbacks Junji Ito Collection Animated Series

  12. RT @Gtsby_: Anxiety fuelling imagery https://t.co/TbsD0ONLQQ

  13. RT @9GAG: Me 0.25 second after taking a group photo https://t.co/b2g0AoAqJz

  14. @momoesha No clue. I just overheard him (his voice was proud and loud).