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  1. Ceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeb!!!!!!! OG wins back to back!!! haha. easy immortals.
  2. good eve po mga sir. i have a question regarding sharing files. so here's the story, i did a favor for my friend and in doing so he sends me some videos. like patreon and private website videos. so my question is can i share them? but. in doing so, ill be breaking the rule of no sharing of pornographic materials. or should i just wait till i can be a contributor?
  4. Just want to share what i found searching for materials to share here in the forum while i happen to stumble upon this site. here are the premium image sets of the models in the site: hope that someone who got the full set could share it in the models thread.
  5. I just watched Den of Thief's, a movie of Gerard Butler. And i must say, napa WTF ako sa ending. haha.
  6. 5. sunshine guimary 4. reyn torres 3. abby poblador 2. andrea torres 1. jewel garcia
  7. none on of the three. for me, the GOAT should be none other that the great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. he has be best stats compare to the 3 of them.
  8. there's already been a preview of State of Decay 2 at youtube and it kinda looks like PUBG meets left 4 dead. but i guess well just see. now, back to the topic at hand. all the games that i played recently are zombie games. and just to name some of the good ones for me are: Call of Duty zombie modes. me and my pals sometimes play this game and its really entertaining because as the level goes up, so is the toughness and the number of the zombies. so you really need a good team work to get to the higher levels. the only COD game that i know off that has zombie mode are World at war, black ops 1 and 2, and World war 2. Dead Island: Riptide the continuation of one of the best zombie games. this is a little bit harder because of the introduction of some new zombies. but hey, more challenging = more fun right? Killing Floor 2 similar to the call of duty zombie modes, but if you want to battle some special type of zombies that carry a rocket launcher and a mini gun. then this is the game for you.
  9. big boobs para sakin. sarap kasi ng pakiramdam pag kasiping mo sa kama malaki ang boobs kaysa malaki ang butt.
  10. In today's busy world, sometimes we're too busy to play games anymore. But thanks to the developers today we can enjoy Old console games with your phone. And since iam playing P3P, a psp game. i would want to share the emulator that im using. Its an application called PPSSPP. with this, you can play psp games with your phone. hope this info helps.
  11. Hmmm.. This is interesting. for me it would be tekken all the resident evil games final fantasy(all the games) Breath of fire(all the games) Digimon(all the games)
  12. right now, Im playing "I am Alive". what can i say. im a sucker on post apocalyptic and survival horror games.
  13. hmmm... medyo madami-dami yung sakin pero pipili lang ako ng 2 laro: 1. Ar Tonelico 1 soundtracks. ewan ko ba pero narerelax ako pag napapakingan ko yung mga mga soundrack sa larong to. 2. my all time favorite android game, cytus. especially all the tunes on the "one million mark".
  14. well this is hard. meron na ko dating top 5 pero para maiba naman. 1. Andrea Torres 2. Ingrid Monungolh 3. Christine te Nano 4. Sunshine Guimary 5. i dont really know if its her real name but eto kasi yung nakalagay sa IG nya. Honey Angel former wowowin dancer.
  15. pangalan ng wifi namin ay: 20PesosPerHour thought naka stealth connection yung wifi namin kaya di na sasagap ng iba.