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  1. No prob, glad I could help.
  2. Better With You by Craig David
  3. First I'd suggest you get a fast lens, minimum f/1.8 like the 50mm or 35mm f/2 (Canon). I don't do a lot of street photography but 35mm is a great focal length even for crop camera bodies because it's wide enough that you can whip your camera out to aim and then shoot within seconds, whereas with the 50mm or higher you'd need to carefully frame your subject. You know street photography is already fast paced so I highly recommend Aperture Priority mode so you won't have to mess with your settings on Manual Mode. It will do the heavy work for you, so you can just focus on your composition. Hope this helps.
  4. No prob, I think it's still worth watching tbh. Specially if you like violence films/shows a lot.
  5. Still second to Daredevil for me. I really didn't have any expectations for the series but it turned out to be surprisingly deep and engaging. The show attempts to present a much more humanized version of The Punisher (Frank Castle) as opposed to the outright sociopath presented in the comics. They also explored not only his flaws and traumas but also those of other veterans who have had trouble adjusting to life after war. Though the show tries to tackle some more contemporary issues, I feel like it fumbles with them a lot and I'm not exactly sure I agree with what the series seems to show about them. But more often than not it comes off like the show can't make up it's mind on what it wants to say on the topic.
  6. Marshmello Featuring Khalid - SIlence
  7. Dell Inspiron Intel i7 Laptop Samsung EVO 500GB SSD
  8. I highly suggest shooting in Aperture Priority or Av on your DSLR. What it does is you simply select your aperture and the camera will set the shutter speed automatically. I would go with your max aperture (f/1.8, f/2.8) depending on the camera to get that creamy/out of focus background. Depending on the lighting situation also. If it's outdoor, AUTO shooting mode (usually just a green camera icon too) should give you good results. Though I don't normally suggest it, but as long as it doesn't use the pop-up flash, then your photos should be fine. Lowlight is when it gets tough shooting in auto.
  9. Definitely one of the best remixes out there.
  10. Year of The Gentlemen by Ne-Yo Because of You by Ne-Yo In My Own Words by Ne-Yo Late Registration by Kanye West Night Visions by Imagine Dragons No Strings Attached by N'Sync Hybrid Theory by Linkin Park Collision Course by Linkin Park & JAY Z The Blueprint 3 by JAY Z The Black Album by JAY Z
  11. In no particular order... Hypnotize by The Notorious B.I.G. - Always have been a personal fave. Plus all of my close friends think I sound like Biggie lmao. Lose Yourself by Eminem - It's just one of those songs that really pumps you up no matter what your mood is. The Reason by Hoobastank - What can I say, it's a solidly written pop song that still gets constant radio play. Here Without You by 3 Doors Down - There's something about this song that's so soothing. Back At One by Brian McKnight - I've always been a fan of Brian McKnight's music growing up. Hitting those high notes gives me the chills. Better Half of Me (Acoustic) by Dash Berlin (Feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn) - The piano version + music video is just way too good. Not to mention, the original was the EDM version, this Acoustic version was made months after. Don't You Worry Child by Swedish House Mafia - Part of me still wants to see them perform live, sucks they've disbanded. Hero by Enrique Iglesias - It's a timeless hit song, combined with good lyrics and melody. Before I Let You Go by Freestyle - I miss the old OPM songs. This one's a classic. Gitara by Parokya Ni Edgar - The guitar plucking in this one is just divine.
  12. 8TB WesternDigital Internal Harddrive
  13. Cleared up all of my editing backlogs (Wedding shoots) so I'm pretty happy/satisfied right now.
  14. yup, season 6 just started last month. They're on the 5th episode this week already. Nothing too important happening right now.
  15. The story dragged on for so long, I think I lost interest after Lori died (or when Shane died). But I still kept watching hoping the plot gets better.