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  1. The 5D Classic (Mark I)? I have that too. It's been my go to camera for photoshoots. It's very old but with the perfect natural lighting, it's still give phenomenal results. And can't forget, Canon color science.
  2. Got The Division on Sale in Steam about a month ago. Haven't touched it as much yet because of the lag.
  3. Gave PUBG & Fortnite a try last year and I realized it wasn't my cup of tea. Gave Fortnite a try again just last week, and I'm definitely liking it a lot better now. Just hit level 10 though. Anyone else playing this right now? Any tips?
  4. Has anyone seen the new spinoff Bumblebee movie (prequel) with Hailee Steinfeld and John Cena? That was when they first came to earth, when they weren't too big yet. And who doesn't like Bumblebee as the Beetle? It seems promising, not made by Michael Bay, unlike this new trilogy, which thankfully got cancelled.
  5. Lethal Weapon, hands down. With Damon Wayans as Murtaugh. Beginning of Third Season just premiered last month. Also can't forget, How to Get Away with Murder. If you like solving Mystery, there's Pretty Little Liars and Sherlock Holmes.
  6. I love this series, but I'm not completely caught up yet. I just recently heard last August when I was in Pasadena that their current (12th) season is the final season, unfortunately. Which somewhat makes sense because of how each characters developed throughout the series, happily married and settled. I guess it's really true what they say about nerds in their 30s always get the ladies. However, last year they made a prequel series to the character of Sheldon Cooper, the show is called 'Young Sheldon'.
  7. oh lol, didn't know those existed either haha. Thanks, will do that.
  8. How could I have missed this lol. Thanks for the tip. Even with the guide posted above, it's still hard to follow.
  9. Julie Ann San Jose Jackie Rice Andrea Torres Charm Dela Cruz Louise Delos Reyes
  10. Lights Down Low - MAX Featuring Gnash
  11. Looking to buy the Sony 85mm f/1.8 next. Heard lots of great things about it. Don't have a budget for the Zeiss lol, plus it's not much different to the Sony according to some friends.
  12. Sorry for reviving an old thread, just thought I'd share my opinion and hopefully it'll help others as well. I encourage everyone to share their photos here whether it's taken from your phone or an actual camera. I like how you used the rule of 3rd here, what I would change on this though is I would have crouched down a little more to try and capture the emotion on her face hiding behind her hand. Here are a couple of tips I can give when it comes to photographing people's portraits. 1) Follow their eye level. If you're shorter than the person you're taking photos of, crouch down a little bit. They'll appear taller on their photos, and they will thank you for it. 2) Capture real emotions, most specifically, watch the subject's eyes and mouth. They do tell a story. It gets easier to train your eyes to look for these certain things the more you do it. Lighting. Lighting. Lighting. If you had moved the tray on a slightly brighter part of the table (usually right above the light, you may have gotten a better image, not that this one is bad. I'm not really into food photography but I know a few people who does, and from what I've learned, 99% of the time they light their photos because they want it to look accurate that it (almost) doesn't need editing. Me, I prefer natural lighting. Another thing, try different angles. The infamous angle of all food photography is shooting right above the food. If it doesn't look appealing, try shooting on the same level as the tray. Look for leading lines such as the tray's edges, symmetry, shapes, etc. If this was my own plate, I would have shot this directly right in front of me, on my eye level, wider. The tray's side edges would lead my eyes to look at the middle which is the food, my subject. Lastly, watch our for shadows. This one for me is a little tough to critic. But I just read your last post, and you mentioned you wanted to emphasize the 106 on the left so I'll start with that. You had the right idea here, foreground and then background. But since the foreground here looked dull and empty for me, I would have shifted my focus on the seats to the right by pointing the camera a bit more the right as well, leaving a bit of the edge of the seat on the left. I can't really speak much about this shot on what exactly you're trying to capture, but my only advise is, right before you press the shutter, look into your viewfinder and move the camera around until you find a better perspective/view. That's how I taught myself composition and how to train my eyes to look for specific shots. Hope this helps, and I look forward to seeing more. Happy shooting!
  13. SanDisk Extreme Pro 128GB SDXC Memory Card
  14. Shaman King Metal Slug Gran Turismo 2 and somebody mentioned Monster Rancher, that was a good game too lol
  15. I want to say the new Spider Man game that just came out but I still have to get myself a PS4 lol.