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  1. Great list @Faust If y'all like sitcoms, do try Kim's Convenience. Season 3 is now out on Netflix on some regions. I know it's available in Philippines now, but not yet in Canada where it's from.
  2. Guys, try Kim's Convenience! It's a Canadian TV Show about a Korean family owning a convenience store. I met and even got to work with one of the main actors (Simu Liu) in the show while he's acting on a play here in my city last November. The show is doing pretty good, they just recently finished Season 3 and is actually now available in Netflix on some regions.
  3. Sold other lenses and the a6000, I only have Sony native lenses now with Sony a6300 for video work. Sony 16-70 f4 OSS G Sony 70-200 f4 OSS G
  4. If you think Ninja Gaiden 2 was hard, Ninja Gaiden Black was the best but also the worst. Ever been stuck on a sequence for hours not getting anywhere? I could never finish it. Too bad the franchise went downhill after NG3.
  5. I'm surprised no one mentioned Halo here. Before Call Of Duty got big, Halo was already ahead of it. Halo 4 was the best! ODST was the worst from the series. Call of Duty had it good up to Black Ops 1, maybe not even past World at War (zombies). But after that, it really tanked. I remember a time when COD had a game very similar to Titanfall, lol. I think I stopped playing it after Black Ops 2. Battlefield 3 & 4 was also pretty good. Bioshock Series is great. I like Infinite the best, story and gameplay wise.
  6. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch - After seeing all the possible and even hidden endings, just left me speechless. A Perfect Getaway - also another film I can't seem to forget because of one of the biggest plot holes/twist in history. Interstellar - I've always like Nolan's Sci-Fi films. This one in particular is no exception. Nightcrawler - one of Jake Gyllenhaal's best performance because it's something different. The attitude, personality and that outlook he has in life to get ahead of everybody is really what made this film successful imho. Split Gonegirl
  7. I haven't played this in a while. Last time I touched it, Wrecking Ball was the new hero. Anything interesting so far?
  8. They made better games back then anyway so it only makes sense to remaster those games now for the younger generation. I remember the simpler times when I used to play Crash Bandicoot Warped, Dragon Ball GT Final Bout, Marvel VS Capcom/Street Fighter, Final Fantasy 8, etc. Lately, it's always been about the graphics but the games somehow lacked content. Wow, I did not know that they already remastered FF8. I gotta play it again. I only made it to CD2 before the other 2 CDs crapped out on me when I brought these games to Canada.
  9. you're welcome yup, April 16.
  10. You should definitely try the Resident Evil 2 remake on PS4. The horror it was going for then was something else, but it's even crazier now thanks to the very detailed graphics.
  11. Who's excited for Season 2??? It's premiering this April.
  12. It looks promising, they said it will be a Family movie which explains the funny and quirky character of Zachary Levy. But other than that, it's closely based to the comic book so far. I even saw a side by side video comparison of the trailer with the tv/animation series and it's very close. I guess we'll find out soon enough.
  13. Ulan - Janine TeƱoso
  14. With only about 6 episodes left in the Season 5, a part of me wants to say wait it out until they release the season finale before you catch up. Because tbh there's a lot of filler episodes on this specific Season that might only disappoint you in the end. It's still unclear to me why the twist only showed up this late, but there's so many other factors. A lot of it went into time traveling, side quests (Caitlyn's father), etc. Everything that could have led them to this point, but it got nowhere. On top of that, they are bouncing directors back and forth each episodes so it's starting to become confusing at some point. Remember Justice League the movie when they had two directors? On a side not, Caitlyn Snow / Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker) is directing the next episode titled "Godspeed".
  15. Sorry to double post, but I couldn't hold this in. I've done some reading after watching the latest episode and I found this. According to Wikipedia... which airs this April. It's Wikipedia though so I don't know if there's any truth to it. I kinda wanted to see Godspeed as a big bad villain but his story sorta reminds me of Zoom (Hunter Zolomon) and thought to myself, we don't need to see Season 2 again lol. Exciting?
  16. I know it's a very slow progression and perhaps even painful to watch lately. But trust me, it gets better. At least I hope it does... Watch (Season 5) Episode 16 and you'll know what I mean. Being only past halfway into the season, I'm thinking "they're early" on beating/stopping Cicada. So I was curious how the rest of the season would go. And then boom LEFT TURN! Totally caught me by surprise, but at the same time I thought I also had it coming.... I still need to watch the latest episode though, it would be interesting to watch how all this comes into play.
  17. Been listening to DOPE for quite a bit now. Their sound reminds me of Kamikazee. My film director got me into it recently. Bought their Blood Money Pt. 1 album last Christmas and I'll be seeing them live on July in Vegas.
  18. My mistake, I should've done them in different categories. But great list overall.
  19. In no particular order: John Denver John Legend Ed Sheeran Eminem Notorious B.I.G. Bob Marley Michael Jackson Eric Calpton Chris Brown
  20. Afraid for Love to fade - Ian Veneracion
  21. This is the only move I know hahaha! Not because I remember the steps on how I jumbled it, but because of the 13 steps to solve it hahha!
  22. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands Just finished all the missions on the first map. This game is very promising. I love the open world concept, and the realistic combat gameplay, compared to games such as Call of Duty series. It really forces you to think outside the box. So many missions, side quests, and player/gun customization. I'm playing on PC.
  23. I can't speak much about Fuji but I know they're RAW photos is on par or maybe even better than Canon. Is the lens interchangeable? I can't seem to remember. I'd skip on Nikon if I were you. They're far out of the competition even with their new mirrorless system. For the price point and features, the XT-100 is a good buy. But for some reason, recording in 4K video is only available in 15fps when 24fps is the standard. I really have no idea what they were thinking when they added this feature. Maybe they didn't want to make a better camera than XT-2 or XH-1 perhaps? Just like how Canon is. But anyway, 1080p is good enough for video. I'd spend a bit more and get the Fuji.
  24. Vlogger: A person who records themselves talking about their life or any particular topic and uploads it to various video sites, specially on YouTube. Any vloggers out here? It's been a growing community everywhere in the world, and it all starts with our favorite social media influencers/celebrities. No matter how long the videos are, we'd somehow watch them from beginning to end. I particularly am guilty of this. I just enjoy watching Casey Neistat's videos. He really changed the game to the point that it doesn't look like a vlog anymore, but a cinematic storytelling of his daily life as a filmmaker and an influencer. I see it as a growing patform in itself now, specially here in my city. I've seen a mix of dancers, lash artists, and a whole bunch of fitness people doing it in my city. But, I don't see myself as a vlogger, I feel like it's a whole different ball game. Can't say I've been hiding behind the camera my whole life, but that's exactly how it feels and maybe that's why I can't pick up a camera, face it towards me and talk. On top of that, I can't record what I do everyday, edit it, and do that daily. I really can't rush something like a daily vlog. I like spending time on my computer editing videos in the non-linear way. So even if I do weekly vlogs, I still see myself spending way too much time editing it that I will likely stop doing it after the first week. I just simply don't have that kind of time on my hands. But big props to those who do it, because that's pure dedication. Closest thing I've done is record 2-3 second clips of what I did in one day, edit them in Adobe Clip app, and post it on my Instagram story. I did that on a vacation in March-June like maybe 4-5 times and never got back into it LOL. But I'd love to see yours if you do it. If you don't I'd like to hear what you think of it. Anyone specific you follow? Do you think I should start doing it too? Go comment below.
  25. I can understand not liking Sony, but really? Not even JBL? To each their own I guess. And you're welcome.