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  1. ..sequential art, he has good ideas for stories and characters. but i don't have any direction on how to do his sto… https://t.co/XcJDRd1Gz6

  2. retro mecha sticker series: #voltesv #mazingerz #getterrobo #gundam https://t.co/yff2utiaS0

  3. cloud drawing from memory https://t.co/epm4amAT6o

  4. @GoodMenProject https://t.co/yTei6xEAiN

  5. @justsomeguycc i really enjoy all your videos,they gives me insight on the current state of the medium, on why com… https://t.co/a8i4BNIqIv

  6. @archeabeco https://t.co/kBUYMtHfma

  7. RT @KrystinaArielle: To all the men I STILL see in my timeline complaining about Captain Marvel, here's a strange concept: maybe it's not a…

  8. @tristen_just i hated the batbooks when he took over snyder. https://t.co/WQ3x7oTe1y

  9. may the 4th be with you #StarWarsDay https://t.co/MQx1pLLgny

  10. @benign0 yeah, try going to clark, before this hulabaloo of the china taking over. koreans have been establishing t… https://t.co/r6MRwJV2qb

  11. i used the vans website and try out how my designs fare with their mock up. i like em though. whatcha think? #art… https://t.co/aIgkjUN1ZD

  12. RT @Todd_McFarlane: FOLKS! I planned to do a video, BUT I have a DEADLINE looming! Sending Spawn 296 to the printer and have some noodling…

  13. coloring... https://t.co/v9gGaaj2Z8

  14. my take on the lord commander i might do a series off this.. #art #artph #doodle #drawing #illustration #design… https://t.co/vsP2OKRUaX

  15. RT @HellboyMovie: The world needed a superhero. We got what we deserved. Experience #Hellboy in IMAX on April 12. https://t.co/jP0u4jJcGx