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  1. Start na bukas ng playoffs no? Thunder UP!. Sana hindi mag choke ang OKC.
  2. Pareho namang okay yan sir. Kung may nakuha ka ng isa okay na yun. They act as VISA or Mastercard naman ee. Ako din, mas prefer ko prepaid card to buy online items. Mas panatag isip ko ee. Since hindi magwowork yung card kapag walang load. Enjoy sir sa pagbili!
  3. Zelda BotW sa Nintendo switch. Sobrang cool. Any nintendo switch gamers dito?
  4. Bpi Amore? Eto yung prepaid card nila diba? Pwede to. VISA ee. It works like credit card ang difference lang is need mo loadan.
  5. Sobrang bitter ako kay Horn ee. Haha. Excited na ako sa Sunday to watch this match. Not sure if mag undercard sa fight na to si Ancajas(pinoy) vs Sultan(pinoy). Nakaka panabik din yung fight na yun, Pinoy vs Pinoy para sa world title. Ayos!
  6. Bought a Nintendo Switch yesterday and now playing Zelda. Sobrang panalo, kahit mahal. Haha.
  7. Terrence Crawford vs Jeff Horn on April 15. Eto yung inaabangan ko na laban. And hopefuly Pacquiao vs Crawford na next. Haha.
  8. Jeff horn is really no match with pacquiao. Parang pang laman lang ng tiyan to ee. lol. I would be more interested kung si Khan or canelo.
  9. I definitely go for house and lot. As far as I know, 20-30 years lang ang condo. Correct me if I am wrong. So for me, I am going to invest my money for house and lot.
  10. @Vader, thank you for your response. And yes it would be more fulfilling if I am going to build my own business. But, I do not have background in business to be honestly. However, I can handle small businesses, such as rice store, water refilling station or even startup IT solutions that is aligned on my career. I just want to have another source of income that is easy to manage such as franchising. Things I invested for myself? I am actually not a material guy. Most of my money are in the bank for future and bigger investments. hahaha.
  11. @Donpakundoo, thank for your response. Yes I agree with you specially I do not have any background in business. Although I am very willing to take the risks naman ee. Gusto ko naman ako yung boss. Hahaha. Medyo doubt kasi ako kung mag franchise, since yung yumayaman lang dun ee yung mga franchisor ee.
  12. I am rooting for Bulls since they have Wade and Butler. In my opinion, the Cavaliers really planned to make the Celtics on the top seed to avoid Chicago. We all know Cavaliers always fall with the Chicago.
  13. Hello guys. Any business ideas for just 100k-200k capital? I am planning to start my first very own business this year to earn other income other than working as programmer. I am thinking to franchise food cart but I'm bit hesitant on it. Thanks in advance.
  14. Newbie here. Working as soft engineer/programmer.