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  1. I think Pres. Duterte do not just picks celebrities without basis. They were picked because they are qualified to their posts. Their educational background speaks for themselves or at least their field of profession. Admittedly, he chose those who openly helped him in his campaign. But they were appointed according to their expertise and not just for gratitude as what others see in their own point of view. To site an example, Arnell Ignacio. Community and public relation is his expertise since he was a stand-up comedian, he can catch the attention of anyone. Jimmy Bondoc is a singer and entertainer, so he fits the AVP for Entertainment at PAGCOR job. These are just two of his right choices, there are a lot more. Therefore, in my opinion, PRRD picked the right persons for the right jobs.
  2. Not guilty. Being impeached for merely failing to declare dollar accounts on SALN is absolutely absurd. Imagine, the head of a co-equal body with the Presidency (Executive) and Congress (Legislative) be impeached for what 99.9% of the government officials do? This was clearly politically motivated, especially knowing the Aquinos who always run after political enemies when in power. Maiiba pa ba yan, eh nasa dugo na yan. Sino ba ang mga nakasuhan at nakulongnung panahon nya? Eh di ba mga kalaban lang nila sa politika. At yung mga kakampi, kahit alam ng bayan na nakinabang din, hindi man lang kinasuhan. Noynoy is just lucky, President Duterte don't think like him.
  3. @This_Is_The_End I've had some sort of experience catching someone hurting my little cousin in a basketball court. Although, there's no killing happened. He's already in his late 20's and about 5'9" in height, and my cousin was just 12 that time. Quickly, I ran to them and gave him a flying punch at the back of the head. When he fell down, I jumped on his chest and gave two more blows on the face. He remained lying there for about 30 minutes, I was just 23 that time and 5'6" tall. The point is, in situations like that, some people has no time to think about the future and just follow their instinct. We can not tell what would you do if you yourself get in a situation like that, that you would not have time to think. Because if you do, something worse might happen the person being attacked. If the man has a knife and is about to stab your close relative and you can still stop him if you will move fast, but you have no choice but to kill him, what would you do? Me? If the victim is my close relative, like sister, brother, parent, wife, son, daughter, cousin, etc., I'll follow my instinct.
  4. Mga Sir, Ma'am, share ko lang po yung nabasa ko: Yung mga halo sa paintings or pictures ng mga saints is a sign of paganism. As a result of Christian & Pagan merger in 300AD, the Roman Catholic Church was born. Catholic idols or statues have halo above or behind the heads. That halo represents the sun which the Pagans worshipped. Nabasa ko lang po ito. It is actually a long article, that cannot be typed here, but halo was mentioned, so I shared my thoughts about it. Regarding Mason, I've heard about it, but never researched about it.
  5. Late na late na ang vote ko, pero post ko na rin: 1. Aubrey Miles 2. Maica Palo 3. Danica Torres 4. Ann B. Mateo 5. Sofie Garrucho Kahit hindi na counted votes ko, ok lang. Just want to share my choices. Thanks.
  6. I have a body-part fetish. I'm attracted to women na maputi at makinis ang kili-kili. Kahit hindi kagandahan ang mukha, basta maganda ang kili-kili, type ko yan.
  7. Marian is the most beautiful of them without make-up. Well, that's for me. Next si Liza, then si Jennylyn and then Anne. Pinaka-least si Rhian, in these pictures atleast.
  8. Ask ko lang po, pwede po ba dito kahit hindi celebrity?
  9. Wala sa ayos ang ipinaglalaban ng samahan ng kabataan na yan. Ano ba ang gagawin nila sa disoras ng gabi? Ang lahat ng masasamang bisyo o gawain ay ginagawa sa gabi, yan ang totoo. Hindi nila magagawa ang gusto nilang gawin kaya ipinipilit na naman ang karapatan daw nila, ang right to liberty and travel. Para din naman sa kanila ang curfew. Para mailayo sila sa masasamang elemento na naglipana sa gabi. Ito namang SC, dapat hindi na pinagpapapansin ang mga ganitong issue. Too much freedom is bad. Ang sobrang pakikipaglaban dahil sa right-right na yan ay masama. lalo na kung wala na sa katwiran at malalagay sa bingit ng kapahamakan. Therefore, too much of everything is poison.
  10. Mine were and still are.... 1. Gold - Spandau Ballet 2. Everything Counts - Depeche Mode 3. The More You Live The More You Love - A Flock of Seagulls 4. The Wild Boys - Duran Duran 5. Don't You Forget About Me - Simple Minds 6. Take On Me - A-ha 7. The War Song - Culture Club 8. Pale Shelter - Tears for Fears 9. Out Of Touch - Hall & Oats 10.Always Something There To Remind Me - Naked Eyes
  11. 1. The Beatles 2. Dave Clark Five 3. Herman's Hermits 4. The Zombies 5. Rolling Stones 6. Gary Lewis and the Playboys 7. The Bee Gees 8. Starship 9. Boyzone 10. Backstreet Boys
  12. Until The Twelfth of Never - Johnny Mathis
  13. @This_Is_The_End The movies you mentioned are classic Filipino movies which can never be equalled, especially with the bunch of actors and actresses we have these days. I am not degrading their acting talents, but compared to the actors and actresses back in the 70's & 80's, they are far behind. Some stories were also too predictable and the directors are also not as good as before. Let me mention some of the classic movies which I watched in my childhood, but did not understand until I got the chance to watch them again a few years back: Maynila: sa Mga Kuko ng Liwanag, Insiang, Batch 81, Wag Mong Salingin ang Sugat Ko, Oro Plata Mata, Oropronobis, etc. i was also a fan of light musical and youth oriented movies in my teenage years - am a big fan of Herbert Bautista and Eula Valdez, coz we are of the same age group. Bagets, Bagets 2, Hotshots, Campus Beat, Ninja Kids were the movies that I repeatedly watched during my youthful years. Well, who did not? If we're of the same age group, you probably did, unless you're not a happy person. FPJ's Ang Maestro, Ang Dalubhasa, Ang Panday series, Isang Bala Ka Lang series, Ang Probinsyano 1 & 2, The Epimaco Velasco Story, Lakay and Pakners are some of FPJ movies that I love to watch repeatedly, hindi kasi nakakasawa. Yung iba hindi ko na maalala ang title. Pero pag narinig o nabasa ko, alam ko na si FPJ ang bida. Lito Lapid was also a hero to me when I was a kid. Leon Guerrero, Geronimo, San Basilio (Julio Valiente), Zigomar, Kamaong Asero, Brusko, Bagwis ng Lawin, etc were his movies which gave me the inspiration to study boxing at an early age. Sadly, my mother won't let me, so I did it discretely, but never progressed.
  14. @This_Is_The_End I know that. I said that out of extreme disgust over child rapists. But I really hate them. I hate holduppers. I hate akyat-bahay's. I hate terrorists. If I get the chance to kill one upon catching them in the act, especially when the victim is related to me, I won't hesitate to do so.
  15. President Duterte is an excellent strategist. He at times says words that he has no plans to do, but that's what he does to catch his nemesis off-guard. At the very moment the words come out of his mouth, his enemies are quick to create a plan to pin him down. But the brilliant President knows what their plan is, and confuses them with his actions. That's how he pisses his antagonists to the bone. And besides, you can never put a good man down. Respect is earned and not demanded. The other countries' leaders were the first to fire shots not only to the President himself but to our country as well, so what do you think a good president will do, just smile like a dog as what Noynoy did?