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  1. Mga sir pa help naman tagal ko na hinahanap to sa stores eh baka may nagbebenta
  2. thanks for the help mga sir!! Unfortunately can't download it ang bilis ma cap ng net namin sad haha
  3. is it possible to search on a specific forum?
  4. My shoutouts to sir Kaizer for the great help!!! Super bait niya guys kung may question kayo ask niyo siya super accommodating walang yabang sa katawan! More power to you sir!!
  5. I have a school speech about this can any of you tell me your views about this? Thanks!
  6. yes sir! The problem with it is the quality/resolution cant be toggled its stuck on 1080p huhu
  7. Is it worth the money? Any Naruto fans out here?
  8. If any of you guys like HD movies try watching using openload player online. Super hd and pwede lagyan ng subtitles! Hope this helps!
  9. My name came from Stephanie Lazaro!! Introverted dude here looking for friends sup guys?