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  1. Hello Sir since you already have your new phone and a little bit late, I would like to suggest Xiaomi Mi Max 2 good camera, 5300mah battery life, 6.44 size although originally china made with some apps in Chinese characters just download google installer and you will have all the apps you needed, I'm not marketing it is just cheaper compared to other mobile phoned I just got mine for $300 bucks.
  2. Hi to all APS and former APS. Thank you for accepting me into your forum.
  3. Your definitely right on that, thanks for quoting. And all that places in the list are all beautiful except the numbers 1, 2 and 4 that I have not seen.
  4. PLDT MyDSL 5 mbps 1299 almost 10 yrs ko na gamit ayos pa naman wala pa lang Fiber sa Muntinlupa kaya tsaga muna dyan
  5. Xiaomi Mi Pad 1st generation gaming ang specs same nung Nvidia Tablet kaya ko binili
  6. Seafarer here working as an Administration Purser Guest Account / Payroll Purser
  7. 1. Taken 2. Con Air 3. Face Off 4. Ronin 5. The Rock 6. Black Hawk Dawn 7. Dredd 8. Behind Enemy Lines 9. True Lies 10. Hard Boiled Sana indeh mahalata ang edad ko LOL
  8. One of the best and intense series itong GOT aside from the series of Prison Break of course
  9. baka magkaroon na nang English version nya binili na kasi nang Gravity
  10. syempre nung nagrepresent kami sa Ragnarok World Championship sa South Korea
  11. StarCraft Diablo Ragnarok Online
  12. Ragnarok Online at Ragnarok Mobile adik lang sa RO
  13. ang sabi nang ibang players nagagamit pa ( daw ) ang Openkore indeh ko na sinubukan eh kaya walang pruweba.
  14. kahit papano mababawasan ang mga photographer na ganito, salute to all the fighting models now a days.
  15. Indeh man lang nakasama ang Bora Bora, Island in French Polynesia isa din ito sa maganda place yun nga lang sobrang mahal...