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  1. 1. Kim Domingo, Ann Mateo, Maica Palo, Jahziel Manabat & Elaize Mae Calden
  2. Okay sir will PM you my email thanks for the response!
  3. I accidentally logon my other email address when resetting my password here on APS. Now i have a duplicated account I don't use it.
  4. Hi may I clarify your description, if by chance are you selling your magazine issue on year 2000 only?
  5. Hi selling my maxim collections magazine will be posting the image later. Picturan ko mamaya isa isa for preview Price: 1,200 k negotiable depending on the offer. Reason of selling: I need to free up space on my cabinet. Masyado na ksi puno haha wla na malagyanan Issue: Ung nkikita ko issue is mejo naluma na sa aparador ko pero clear pa dn ung contents ung cover lng is ung parang naluma due sa ilang years ng napublish this are my personal collection to be sold. Thanks APS!