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  1. It's a pleasure to be here.. Thank you for the warm welcome.. I'm glad that you offered, actually there's one request that i would like to ask you guys.. I'll just send a private message to you guys.. Hope you can grant this as you did with my request before.. Dont worry, I'll do the best I can to be a part of this community..
  2. Yes, thank you.. me konting idea na ako sa forum rules..
  3. Hi APS staff/mods/members.. I'm new here.. Paguide na lang din po.. I'll familiarize myself with the guidelines.. I'm a photographer, hope my stay here will be beneficial for the both of us, guys..
  4. Hindi na.. nagstop na ko matagal na rin.. but i used to play sa alamat server..
  5. Yepp, sabi nga nila.. if youre going for mirrorless, A7iii tlga yun best buy.. medyo di pa lang keri ng budget but soon cguro.. pero worth it cguro un everyshots.. un A7i pa nga lang, hanep na e.. lalo pa cguro yun A7iii..
  6. I've been thinking on switching to a mirrorless too. Hope somebody can give an advice what is the best buy now.
  7. House and lot pa rin.. even after so many years, me lupa ka pa rin..
  8. Mas feel ko yun mga opening and closing songs ng anime na "One Piece"
  9. Used only 1 lens since I started shooting.. canon 50mm 1.8
  10. Elifausto Canon 6D 50mm 1.8 -ambient shooter
  11. Mirrorless cameras na yun trend ngayon.. Light, compact and easy to use.. if i have the budget, would buy 1 right away..
  12. Medyo luma lang yun mga napanood ko.. pero worth to watch.. Spartacus (kaso bitin), Dexter, shameless, tyaka yun mga superhero tv series, flash, arrow, supergirl, smallville etc.
  13. I'm using Canon 6D for my shoots..
  14. Siargao yata ngayon ang pinakamagandang tourist destination.. lots of activities to do.. siguradong maeenjoy yun time na masspend mo while you are there