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  1. Let me add 10. Anna Marie Falcon turned Francine Prieto 11. LJ Reyes 12. Roxanne Barcelo turned Roxie
  2. Magbasa ka ng mga rules and sa other threads para hindi ka ma confuse. So far ok naman kami ikaw ba ok ka?
  3. Welcome sa APS! Wag kalimutan dumaan sa rules area and stay active! Enjoy your stay!
  4. Brad Stevens should be Coach of the Year not Casey (kahit raps fan lol)
  5. Hindi pa tapos pre ECF and WCF pa lang hopefully Houston and Boston naman param maiba hehe
  6. Yes I know this is embarassing for us Raps fans! This franchise needs to rebuild. Smh!
  7. "That she bought from a rubber manIn a town full of rubber plansTo get rid of itself" Fake Plastic Trees - Radiohead
  8. Well I am a raptors fan so I am rooting for my team kahit napakasakit sa kalooban ng talo nila nung game 1. I think there is a chance..... not to get swept by the Cavs lol. ...and hoping for an Eastern Conference finals show up again (fingers crossed). If they passed 2nd round the raps have a chance vs. the teams against the other bracket Boston/Sixers. Pero kahit sino pa ang pumasok sa East. No chance of getting a ring vs West. No match!!! Unless makabalik agad si Hayward and Kyrie lol Whoever gets to the finals from the west siya na champion
  9. If you ask me MJ is the real GOAT! Sorry sa lahat ng bronsexuals. But that's just my opinion. Just google the stats.
  10. I've deleted your multiple posts on other threads regarding you jersey business. Please don't spam!!!! Post it on the right area only. I would suggest to read the rules as well.
  11. Welcome mihirolover! Stay active and wag kalimutan dumaan sa rules area! Enjoy your stay!
  12. Welcome herrochi! Stay active lang marami ka magiging kaibigan dito! And pag active ka for sure sasaya ang buhay mo sa APS Wag kalimutan dumaan sa rules area! Enjoy your stay!
  13. Morbid Angel - Immortality Rites
  14. Well if you ask me I'll go with Jay Z even if I'm not a fan of him. And tbh I am not a Kanye fan as well I guess!
  15. You can use funkyimg or imgbox just copy/paste the bcode part then you're good to go.