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  1. Welcome back Playboy77 Stay active and just keep on posting. Wag kalimutan dumaan sa rules area! Enjoy your stay!
  2. Tekken Metal Slug At ang nakaka aliw na dance showdown game Bust A Groove lol
  3. This will be the fight everyone has been waiting for. Isipin niyo na lang mga pre Khabib is 26-0 then McGregor is 21-3. If it goes to 26-1 for Khabib, McGregor will even be more "mayabang" sa UFC. Remember the Aldo fight? McGregor will have a distinct advantage. In addition to having tremendous striking power, McGregor also has a longer reach than Khabib, despite being slightly shorter, and that could be crucial in keeping him at a distance, with a view to avoiding takedowns. But who knows, Khabib is great on takedowns at iyan ang kailangang iwasan ni McGregor. Who's your bet?
  4. This team may not be on the top 5 list but will sure create damage this coming season. Toronto Raptors - Adding Kawhi/Green/Monroe and moving DeFrozen and Casey away from the ISO they keep on executing that causes a collapse on the teams play and made them Barney for the last 3 playoffs. Indiana Pacers - Almost defeated The Cavs last season. That missed goal tending call for Oladipo did hurt the teams chances of winning. Now LBJ is on the west this team will soar even more this season.
  5. Since wala na ako sa pinas hindi ko na alam kung Indie ang mga ito pero I came across sa spotify these bands Tonight We Sleep then may solo ata si Argee Guerrero (vocalist) na I Belong To The Zoo (more on folk) Autotelic di ko din alam kung Indie mga iyan or mainstream na. And IV of Spades cool din tugtugan kaso alam ko mainstream na sila. Pardon my ignorance hehehe I just stumble lang these new bands na ok naman dating ng music. Pero if you'll ask me I'm still into Wolfgang/Razorback/Eheads/Teeth/Yano 90s baayybbee lol
  6. I just sold my 24-70 2.8 L I am planning to buy a Sony lense thanks for the heads up on this thread.
  7. I am not sure about the budget but this is decent enough I'm sure bababa ang price if you'll trim down the specs a bit lower. Here's an idea not sure if this is available in the Philippines. New XPS 15 CAD $2,349.99 = PHP 95,505.52 But if there's a budget go for a Macbook if you're a Mac user
  8. If you're into comedy try Shameless US version (Emmy Rossum) dami din nudity lol
  9. FEFE - 6ix9ine
  10. Slipknot x Korn = Sabotage (beastie boys) cover
  11. Welcome MoNkEy_KiNg Wag kalimutan dumaan sa rules area. Stay active! Enjoy your stay.
  12. Welcome sa APS elifausto! I'm sure you will enjoy your stay here. Marami din po tayo mga photographers dito so feel free to share your stuff here Huwag din kalimutan dumaan sa rules area Enjoy your stay!
  13. Well a lot of my fellow videographers here in abroad switch to Sony a7 III now with matching DJI gimbal. It's very light and handy for creative shots Compared sa dating Canon 1Dc with Ronin ang laki lol. Grabe na talaga evolution ng technology now.
  14. Welcome sa APS 666eg Stay active lang and I'm sure you will enjoy it here. Huwag kalimutan dumaan sa rules area. Enjoy your stay!!!
  15. I love shameless pre sobrang kulit ng family na ito lol