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  1. Nabitin ako sa love scene ng Queen at ng Starksgaryen akala ko umaatikabong aksiyon na hehehe
  2. Thanks for the leak plot but I'd rather be surprised on what will happen in the last 3 episodes. And yep I get your point on not all Lannisters are evil. But come to think of it anyone who doesn't go on the Starks side are evil I guess hehe. That Starks reunion was quite amazing as well. I hope they bring back Lady Stoneheart this time for a perfect reunion which they already ditch her return on the past seasons. Or I maybe wrong...
  3. The Spoils of War (Aug 6, 2017) Truly one of the best 15 min scene I have ever seen. After Battle of the Bastards this battle scene from The Spoils of War has shown why GOT needs to be watched!!! I was like go kill those motherfu****s while watching that last scene!!! lol The most hated villains were being attacked by the Dothraki +1 dragon was the best hehe. W-O-W Can't wait for the remaining 3 episodes. wheew
  4. Na yari siya ni Tulfo sisiguraduhin daw niya na hindi na siya magiging photog forever! Yari!!!
  5. Katatapos lang ng interview kay Ms. Maris, isang inosenteng dalagang nag hangad maging model. Pinagkatiwalaan si Hyson Hilario https://www.facebook.com/hysonhilariophotography/ From photo shoot to sex daw ang nangyari. Inamin naman ni Mr. Hilario na nadala daw sya at confirmed nya na may nangyari nga. However, pinipilit nyang di naman daw forced ang nangyari sa kanila. Ngunit, bina-black mail daw nitong si Mr. Hilario ang dalaga kaya humingi na ng tulong kay Idol Raffy ang dalaga. Inamin ni photographer na may isa pa syang namolestsa. VIDEO https://youtu.be/06lAlkKUes4 Anong masasabi niyo sa kaso ni Mr. Hilario?
  6. We tried not to add a book section to avoid misleading people from posting copyrighted pdfs we will try to discuss regarding your suggestion. Maybe we can add it as a sub directory. Thanks for bringing this up. In the mean time you can start a topic which you desired to discuss on the stories area http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/forum/99-stories/ Or on the others/Chit-chat area http://www.allpinoystuff.com/forums/forum/12-otherschit-chat/ Enjoy your stay!
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  9. Mukhang busy ka sa pag release ng season 7 ah 2 months late na reply mo lol
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  13. Based on my pov I don't like the style of the Juke appearance wise. No offense meant sa mga naka juke pero for me mukha siyang pagong lol maybe it's just me. I am more on the macho type vehicles like SUV's and Crossovers. Now I am driving a 2017 Santa Fe and I am liking it! my 2 cents
  14. This is sick thanks for the info!!! Wala pa pala masyado laman na information sa IMDB. I hope they show Carnage on the film as well
  15. Nagsisipag sara na sila di ko din ma imagine kung paano mag maintain ng warez na site dahil sa mga copyright issues. Naalala ko tuloy si Kim Dot Com ng megaupload hehe. You just don't want the feds to be jumping on your door. Kaya dito sa APS inalis na namin ang mga ganyang posts although may mga pailan ilan pa din paminsan minsan pero majority ay naalis na namin para safe na din mahirap na hehe