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  1. Welcome mihirolover! Stay active and wag kalimutan dumaan sa rules area! Enjoy your stay!
  2. Welcome herrochi! Stay active lang marami ka magiging kaibigan dito! And pag active ka for sure sasaya ang buhay mo sa APS Wag kalimutan dumaan sa rules area! Enjoy your stay!
  3. Morbid Angel - Immortality Rites
  4. Well if you ask me I'll go with Jay Z even if I'm not a fan of him. And tbh I am not a Kanye fan as well I guess!
  5. You can use funkyimg or imgbox just copy/paste the bcode part then you're good to go.
  6. Welcome Habu! I hope you remain active hindi yung pag nagka access na eh lurk and leech na lang ulit! Siguro nakadaan ka na din sa rules area since 2015 ka pa member! Enjoy your stay!
  7. Ang tigas ni Iaquinta duguan na hindi pa din tumataob umabot pa ng unanimous decision hehe Pero that was a good fight! Hopefully in the future magkaharap sila ni McGregor at Khabib sa tamang timbang at panahon
  8. In the night - Manila Magic
  9. Mundo - IV of Spades
  11. Codeine Dreaming - Kodak Back feat Lil Wayne
  12. Welcome to APS! Please don't forget to drop by sa rules area. We'll wait for your contribution! Stay active and enjoy your stay!
  13. Thanks @dylan appreciate your interest sa pag help sa APS!!! Keep us posted.
  14. Hindi naman siya rush no problem! Keep us posted and thanks for your interest on helping out!
  15. I have created this thread for any inquiries or inputs parang masyado ata kami ma bombard sa PMs eh hehehe (pero feel free to PM lang din) Anyway thanks for all the interest in helping out. We will update everyone on this thread as well. On behalf of the APS team thank you in advance!!!